12 Apps That Pay For “Better” Lifestyle Choices

You're already going for a run, and turning off your lights when you leave the house - why not get paid for both of those actions?

Jef van de Graaf
April 18, 2019
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What a world we live in! You can use apps and get paid for watching movies, taking surveys, and now -- choosing a better lifestyle choice.

Let’s not waste a minute more because you’ve got some big decisions to make that could make you a little healthier and wealthier.

Apps that Pay for Exercising / Losing Weight

#1 Fitcoin

If you’re into the new currency called cryptocurrency, this app rewards you whenever you workout. You’ll need a bitcoin account to take advantage of this lifestyle rewarding app. After you’re set up, you can create a Fitcoin account and it will track your heart right. You can connect it with other devices that you use in the pool to earn Bitcoins while you swim.

The app is still in development, however it is the first app of its kind to offer rewards based on how hard you work out. Who knows, maybe you can finally be the paid athlete you always dreamed yourself of being.

Get fit - iOS

#2 Dietbet

Here’s an interesting app that rewards you for both exercising and losing weight. Dietbet is an app that lets you place an amount on a game and you have to compete to win.

Here’s how motivating this lifestyle changing app is:

  • Has over 640 000 are “playing”
  • Paid over $50 million to winners
  • Encouraged over 9.5 million pounds to be lost

Are you ready to lose weight and win real money? Download Dietbet - iOS | Android

#3 Sweatcoin

Here’s one of those money making apps that doesn’t actually pay you in cash. Instead, you get paid with rewards whenever you take as little as a single step using Sweatcoin.

Sweatcoin converts your footsteps into a digital currency called “sweatcoins” which can be exchanged for electronics, sponsored items, or give a cash reward to a charity of your choice.

Start sweating - iOS | Android

#4 HealthyWage

Want to earn $10,000 (real cash reward) in a weight loss challenge?

Similar to Dietbet, HealthyWage lets you set a wager as to how much you are willing to lose (in weight and the amount of money if you don’t achieve it).

HealthyWage offers a range of different weight loss challenges which you can sign up for either individually or as a team. Place your bets - iOS | Android

#5 CharityMiles

You might not be motivated to move and make money for yourself. That’s O.K.

Try CharityMiles, a reward app that lets you a donation to a charity you believe in from the hard effort you put out. There are various activities you can choose from, such as running, cycling, or walking. Start donating - iOS | Android

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Apps that Pay to Eat Healthy

#6 Ebates

This may not be a dedicate “eat healthier” reward app. Instead, consider this a hack that rewards you with $10 for signing up and more coupons and discounts for making purchases with their app. Ebates is an extensive marketplace with cashback rewards and they currently offering 1% cashback on any Target purchases. If you spend more than $35, you’ll even get free shipping.

You’re going to use this reward app to make purchases for healthy foods, right? Eat healthy - iOS | Android

#7 My Diet Coach

Here’s an app that lets you document your diet and stay on track to eating healthy. My Diet Coach has a unique “panic button” which lets you track when you’re feeling cravings that are about to go beyond your control. You can set up reminders to drink water at certain times and also for your personal goals. The app doesn’t offer any real, physical rewards, but instead provides “good points” and virtual rewards to keep you motivated. Start dieting - iOS | Android

Apps that Pay for Saving Water

#8 Fluid

You know the old saying, don’t you: if it’s brown, flush it down; if it’s yellow, let it mellow.

Fluid is a organization dedicated to reduce water usage and they have created a device that attaches to your water meter. The meter provides you with information, sent directly to your smart phone, which you can use to track and regulate your water usage.

Unlike the next rewarding app, Fluid doesn’t actually pay you for using their app. Instead, by keeping track of your monthly water bills you can learn how to cut costs and flush your toilet accordingly.

Save water - iOS | Android (Coming Soon)

Apps that Pay for Saving Electricity


#9 Get Paid To Unplug with OhmConnect

Here’s the service that rewards you for reducing your home’s monthly bills. OhmConnect taps into your home’s smart meter and measures your regular energy usage. You’ll get notified whenever your energy starts to spike and you’ll get a message directly to your phone that asks you to cut back.

Whenever you cut back on electricity during those notified times, you can get paid for your savings. OhmConnect lets you cash out directly to your paypal, or via Amazon or Target Gift Cards.

Turn off the lights - Sign up for OhmConnect

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BONUS: Habit Changing Apps (that DON’T Pay)

They say that you shouldn’t bribe your kid into doing their homework. Research suggests that this kind of reward will reduce the excitement of performing the task and actually create counterproductive kids. The wording may be a bit different, but here’s some research that supports this idea: (1) Rewards; (2) Student Incentives.

To end this list, here are a bunch of free apps that don’t pay but are focused on helping you change your habits and improve your life:

#10 21 Habit

Its simple: you pledge $21 that you’ll keep your habit for 21 days. If you succeed, you earn a dollar back. If you fail, you lose a dollar per day. Proceeds from your inability to form a new habit goes to various charities. Download - iOS | Android

#11 Momentum

If you’re always distracted and need a little extra motivation to keep working, try Momentum. You’ll get reminders whenever you open a new tab or get distracted from your pre-determined daily goal. Web Only [iOS & Android coming soon]

#12 Habit RPG

Life is a game, isn’t it? When you use Habit RPG you could virtually lose your life if you don’t achieve your personal goals. Imagine, the death of your online avatar because you couldn’t eat a full bowl of broccoli -- this should be a crime! Download - iOS | Android

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