The Impact of OhmConnect's 2018 MEGA Summer

Your Summer energy savings planted HOW many trees?!

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Curtis Tongue
October 1, 2018

Last night we wrapped up OhmConnect’s 2018 MEGA Summer promotion and we are so incredibly in awe of what we all did together as a community.

Over the summer, through our individual micro-actions of things like unplugging electronics and dining by candlelight during #OhmHours, we were able to reduce demand on the energy grid by more than 500Mwh, which is the carbon equivalent of taking four dirty power plants off the grid.

Here’s a look at MEGA summer 2018 by the numbers:

In short summary, it’s nothing short of amazing. And it was all accomplished by people like you.

Last night, Katie and Greg announced the winner of the $100,000 MEGA Summer Giveaway and the lucky username called was …


Watch the $100,000 episode of MEGA Summer Live

And the fun doesn’t stop here.

As most of you know, demand on the energy grid is highest in the summer months. This means that June, July and August are the months when you’ll see the highest number of #OhmHours (both MEGA and regular) and the highest number of points allocated per event.

Within the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing an update on what the program will look like in the fall and winter, but you can count on:

  • Continuing #OhmHours all year long
  • Extra bonus prizes given away to folks who reduce large amounts of energy, refer friends and other actions (to be announced!)
  • Regular Facebook Live broadcasts to keep connected and learn about upcoming ways to win

Thank you again for being a part of the OhmConnect community and for your participation in MEGA Summer. You made an incredible difference.

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