OhmConnect rewards you for saving energy. And while the chance to make money and win prizes is always a bonus, what we love most is the impact we can have together as a community.

Together, we’re on a mission to build North America’s largest Virtual Power Plant - and that’s no easy feat.

climate change impact shown on a tree with the left side normal and the right side without leaves and in the desert

OhmConnect's Environmental Impact

More important than our impact on our wallets, is the impact we have on the planet. Take a peek at what’s been done together so far.

In 2014, OhmConnect set out to pay people for saving energy when it’s coming from dirty and carbon-intensive power plants. Today, hundreds of thousands of OhmConnect members save energy, reduce their carbon impact, and get paid. Our valued participants across the globe save energy when power is dirtiest in their community.

Since we began this journey, we’ve together saved more than the carbon equivalent of:

  • blue, round icon with a check mark in the middle
    8,885 Acres of forest planted
  • blue, round icon with a check mark in the middle
    19 Million miles driven in a passenger vehicle
  • blue, round icon with a check mark in the middle
    939 homes powered renewably for a year
  • blue, round icon with a check mark in the middle
    906 Million smartphones charging

OhmConnect's Social Impact

OhmHours mean togetherness, time with family, time outside. While it’s harder to measure, the social impact of our collective unplugging is something we’re pretty proud of.

Many of our customers use OhmHours as an excuse to build good habits our modern 'always on' way of life makes difficult. Use them as an excuse to unplug and recharge.

Community members with smart and connected homes automate their participation. Smart thermostats, smart plugs, electric cars all respond automatically to OhmHours, making participation easier than flipping a switch.

Check out a few stories of customers whose lives have been changed by OhmConnect.