The Clothesline Comeback
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The Clothesline Comeback

Katie Overmonds
June 5, 2020

It’s no surprise that the humble clothesline is experiencing a resurgence. After all, clothes dryers consume more electricity per use than any other appliance. 

By using your dryer less often and air drying whenever possible, you’ll save electricity and keep clothes looking newer. 

The laundry list: Five reasons to take it outside 

  1. Reduce electricity costs. (Wondering what other appliances are energy hogs? Check out this handy list!
  2. Sunlight naturally whitens, disinfects and helps stains to fade.
  3. Without wear and tear in the dryer, fabrics last longer.
  4. Dryers add extra heat to your home - avoid the need for A/C by heading outdoors. 
  5. Air drying prevents static cling! 

How’s it hanging? Some tips on how to hang the trickiest of items: 

  • Pants: Pin cuffs with the waistband hanging down. 
  • Shirts: Pin from the bottom hem at the side seams. 
  • Socks: Hang in pairs, pinning the toes. 
  • Sheets: Fold them in half and pin each end to the line. 

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