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Super-Couponer Makes Money Every Week With OhmConnect

Katie Overmonds
May 2, 2018

Vanessa from Fresno, CA, is no stranger to apps that pay her or help her save money. Sharing a home with her partner and five children, she saves with the best of them in order to keep their bills and costs to a minimum.

“I’m always trying to save money,” she said. “I use receipt apps and coupon apps - really anything that says it will give me money or help me save - I will try it.”

An OhmConnect user for only three months, Vanessa has already earned more than $80 by unplugging and powering down during #OhmHours.

Her tried & true OhmHour strategy that pays off

When she first started receiving #OhmHour notifications, Vanessa powered-down her home the best way she knew how; by turning off lights, unplugging nightlights and electronics, and making sure the kids weren’t using anything that needed power.

But despite her best efforts, she didn’t always manage to beat her energy forecast, and broke her streak of 18 #OhmHours in a row.

“It was so frustrating. I couldn’t figure out how we’d gone over our forecast when we did the same thing for every #Ohmhour!”

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Nowadays, she sticks to what she knows will guarantee success every time; shutting down her circuit breaker.

That way, she knows that every outlet, plug, appliance, and piece of mechanical equipment in their 2300 square foot home (with a pool) is shut off during the #OhmHour and that she’ll never go over her forecast again.

“It’s working splendidly - we earn about $7 every time.”

Their most challenging #OhmHour - getting the babysitter involved!

“My kids love #OhmHours,” she explained.  “They have really turned into a family affair and everyone gets involved.”

Before they committed to shutting down their circuit breakers, Vanessa’s five kids would make the weekly event into a competition, running around the house to unplug everything they could find that might be using power.

“Even though they technically could use their battery-powered electronics during that time, we equate #OhmHours with no electronics so it gives us a reason to go to the park or do something together as a family.”

One week however, Vanessa and her partner were out of the house when they realized that an #OhmHour would be happening while the kids were at home with a babysitter, who had never heard of OhmConnect and would like be confused as to why they were sitting in the dark.

“I texted her with instructions on what to do and the kids helped by unplugging everything. The next week when she came back, she was ready to do it all over again!” she said with a laugh. “Too bad there was no #OhmHour that night.”

Real earnings in her bank account

While some new users might be cautious of the process of cashing out via Paypal, Vanessa says it was quick and easy for her to access her earnings.

“I have tried a lot of money making apps so I’m pretty familiar with the process of cashing out with Paypal. It might sound complicated if you’ve never tried it but it’s really straightforward. You just connect your PayPal and OhmConnect accounts and the money is there.”

Want to earn like Vanessa?

Join the OhmConnect community and start getting paid to unplug.

As an OhmConnect user, Vanessa also has a unique referral code that will score her $20 for anyone who signs up on her team. Want to give Vanessa a virtual high five to say thanks for sharing her story? Sign up on her team! 

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