A joyful family playing board games during an OhmHour, emphasizing the blend of family bonding and energy savings.
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All in the family

Making OhmHours A Family Affair: One User Shows Us How It's Done

Katie Overmonds
April 20, 2018

For Lynn and her family of six from San Diego, #OhmHours are a family affair.

An OhmConnect user since 2016, she and her family have earned more than $600 and, more importantly, created a family tradition of unplugged, quality time together that she says they look forward to each week.

“For us, #OhmHours are awesome, intentional events together than we otherwise might not make time for in a busy week,” she explained.

What’s her OhmHour strategy?

Lynn doesn’t shut off her circuit breakers but still manages to reduce an impressive amount of every each week by unplugging everything from the outlets, turning off all the lights and relying on smartplugs for the trickier, hard-to-reach outlets like the fridge and stove.

“We were pretty energy efficient before we started OhmConnect - we have solar - but we saw this as a chance to do even more for the planet and maybe earn a little money at the same time. We weren’t sure we’d be able to earn much since we don’t use much energy but it definitely has made a difference, especially in the summer.”

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So … how do you do an #OhmHour with kids?

“The kids really love it actually”, she said.

Lynn’s family has four kids, ranging in ages from 4-15, all of whom get involved with #OhmHours in their household.

“We have been doing this for a while so we all know what to do now”, she said. “We have little battery-powered lights, and flashlights and we’ll run around together unplugging everything we can see.”

Before they did their first OhmHour, Lynn and her husband explained to the kids why they were participating -- that it was helping other people and the planet too, an explanation she says helped get the kids on board and excited to participate each week.

“We play games by flashlight or they’ll come up with stories. My son plays guitar so sometimes he’ll play for us. It’s very intentional time spent together and I really value that.”

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