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Fresno-Area Family Cashes Out $150 in Just 45 Days With OhmConnect

Katie Overmonds
May 15, 2018

For Jose and his family, the day the PG&E bill came in the mail was a tough day each month.

During the summer months, when the air conditioning was running and their busy, four-bedroom household was hooked up to various appliances and electronics, it wasn’t unusual to receive a bill of around $1000 per month.

“We tried everything we could think of, and even when we thought we were doing the right things, we would get bills for $500,” Jose explained. “That’s when I went to Google and found tips for saving energy on OhmConnect’s blog, and read about OhmHours.”

These days he participates in OhmHours and has made some tweaks to his energy habits and his average bill comes in around $150-$200 per month and he’s cashed out $150 from his OhmConnect dashboard.

Earning money via OhmConnect …by accident!

He and his family have been OhmConnect users for just over three months, and when he first signed up, he didn’t know what to do or how to earn points.

“I thought it might have been a scam, but then I got an OhmHour that first week and somehow, without doing anything, I had earned 430 Watts - which was cool!”

The second, third and fourth OhmHour rolled around though and since he didn’t realize he needed to conserve energy during that time, started to lose all the Watts he had unintentionally earned that first week.

“I had been ignoring the text messages and emails, and I didn’t understand why I was losing Watts,” he explained. “Then I went back, learned about what an OhmHour is and what I need to do. I went to Dollar Tree and bought a few battery-powered lights and during the next OhmHour, we shut everything off. The fridge, the washing machine, all the lights - everything.”

That week, he earned more rewards than ever and he was hooked.

Powering down on purpose, and earning BIG

In a busy household (Jose lives with his wife, their children, his mother and his mother-in-law), it can be difficult to coordinate efforts to power-down everything at the same time, so Jose decided to go a step further, and learn about ways to automate the OhmHour process.

He learned about smart home devices that can shut off automatically during an OhmHour, and bought a few smart plugs, which he says have helped his point tally in a major way.

After a few weeks of getting better at saving energy, Jose wanted to make sure it wasn’t a scam, so tried cashing out.

He withdrew $150 and within minutes, the money was in his Paypal account.

“Everyone kept saying that it might be a scam so I wanted to try it out for myself,” he said. “And it worked! The money was right there in my account.”

Not only earning, but saving too

But the best part of all, is the amount of money he and his family are now saving on their monthly PG&E bill.

Because OhmHours are scheduled for the times when the grid is most stressed, you won’t only earn money via OhmConnect when you unplug for the hour, but you will save energy at a time when it's most expensive, energy you otherwise would pay a premium for on your bill.  

“My bill has gone down drastically.”

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