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27 OhmConnect Users Take Home an Extra $50 For Flipping Their Circuit Breakers

Katie Overmonds
April 10, 2018

As a regular OhmConnect user, you know that #OhmHours happen when demand on the electricity grid is high.

Each week, you reduce your energy consumption and the power authorities work with OhmConnect to pay you for those savings. 

But what happens on days where demand is at an all-time high, like heat waves or cold snaps?

These are the days when your participation is needed more than ever, and the power authorities are willing to pay for that.

Every now and again, the electrical grid is stressed TO THE MAX, and participating in #OhmHours is more important and valuable than ever. These are MEGA OhmHours.

At times like these, we need to rally as a community and reduce our energy usage as much as is possible.

To practice for these scenarios, we’re trying out a variety of ways to reward users who get in the habit of reducing their home’s energy demand down to nothing, by flipping their breakers.

This week, 27 users got the email about the upcoming MEGA OhmHour in their inbox, flipped their breakers and got an extra 5000 points ($50) deposited into their OhmConnect account. Amazing, right?

“We’ve been Ohmconnect users since January. Being more environmentally friendly was one of our New Year’s resolutions and this has helped us get there. We’re going to put the $50 that we were rewarded for turning off our breaker toward our “Travel Fund”. We are plan on visiting Peru this Christmas!”  - Nicholas and Carlos, recipients of the $50 bonus from the most recent MEGA #OhmHour.

“I enjoy the OhmConnect program. I’m a competitive person so I treat it like a game; always trying to improve my ‘score’. With the $50, we will probably end up buying treats and supplies for the new puppy we adopted this weekend.” - Emily I, recipient of the $50 bonus from the most recent MEGA OhmHour.

“We’ve been OhmConnect users since the Fall of 2016. We plan to put this $50 (and all of our other #OhmHour earnings) towards a trip to Hawaii this summer. Disconnecting for an hour or two gives us the chance to spend some quality family time together without the distractions from TV and electronics. We read books, play outside, go on hikes, or if it’s a late #Ohmhour we make shadow puppets. The kids have fun and we make a little extra money doing it.” - Ana O, recipient of the $50 bonus from the most recent MEGA OhmHour.

“I’ve been an OhmConnect user for two and a half years. I plan on using the $50 that I just received to take my family out to dinner during my next OhmHour so we can save more energy and earn more free money! I think this is an amazing program! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Especially when it's free money! I have encouraged all my friends to sign up so they can get the same benefits I do.” - Johnna H, recipient of the $50 bonus from the most recent MEGA OhmHour.

“I have been actively participating in the program since February of this year. I use the extra money I earn from the program I have been saving for a family vacation, which is not something we can normally do. I really love the program and it's fun for my kids. We make a game out of it and we use the power hours to play games together, read or get outside when it's during daytime hours. It's really rewarding in four ways. I save money on my electricity bill, spend quality time with family, help the environment and get paid to do it!” - Mayle J, recipient of the $50 bonus from the most recent MEGA OhmHour

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