Teacher who wrote COVID “Do’s and Don’ts” book for kids wins 1 million Watts

“They saw their parents scared so I just tried to make a happy, safe place.”

Kevin Hoffman
September 7, 2022
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Adrienne B. knows how hard it is to talk to kids about COVID. She literally wrote the book on it.

A resident of San Jose, she vividly recalls the day on March 13 when she was told to put away her classroom for distance learning.

“We had an hour to pack up everything that children could need to learn at home,” she says.

Those first frenzied months, Adrienne got very little sleep as she learned new ways to teach. She could see the toll the pandemic took on her pupils.

“The first few months, they just really thought we were coming back. They missed it every day,” Adrienne says. “They saw their parents scared so I just tried to make a happy, safe place.”

Adrienne was nominated by one of her neighbors for OhmConnect’s “Thanks a Million” prize. She is one of ten honorees to receive 1 million Watts for displays of heroism during COVID.

In addition to keeping up with her own classroom, Adrienne took what she was learning and created a book for other teachers to use, called School Coronavirus Do’s and Don’ts.

“I didn’t want it to be so horrifying that you put a mask on,” Adrienne explains. “So I made some silly pages about wearing masks and what not to do.”

One example: Do wash your hands with soap and water; don’t wash them with macaroni and cheese.

As silly as it sounds, this way of framing it helps kids deal with otherwise scary subject matter. 

“Is there anything better than watching your children read and laugh? Buy this book and experience both!” raves the top reviewer, one of 151 reviews from appreciative fans, almost all of them 5 stars.

Adrienne was unaware that her neighbor had entered her in OhmConnect’s “Thanks a Million” contest, but she was appreciative to learn she was being honored.

When told of the 1 million Watt reward and asked how she would spend it, she was mindful to give back.

“I think I’ll live life big with my family, since we’ve gone through something really hard,” she says. “And maybe I’ll buy some fun games for my class too.”

Kevin Hoffman

Kevin is a multimedia journalist and brand strategist who writes about science and technology.

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