daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back
daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back

She lost her job, got Covid … and won a day at the spa

Her luck changed when she won the big prize on the OhmConnect Wheel
Her luck changed when she won the big prize on the OhmConnect Wheel

The past several months have been challenging ones for OhmConnect customer Gloria M. and her family. Recently laid off from her job as a legal assistant at a workplace compensation firm in Placentia, CA, she and her husband also faced the uphill battle of fighting COVID. 

This time especially, the OhmConnect team was thrilled to make the call to let her know that some good luck was coming her way. Her name was chosen as the winner of a luxurious spa day or the cash equivalent of $1,500 USD. 

“Things are hard,” she said on the phone. “I was just telling my husband that I’m uncomfortable thinking about what it will look like when I go back to work. This couldn’t have happened at a better time.” 

OhmConnect rewards adding up in the background

An OhmConnect customer for over a year, Gloria hadn’t really paid much attention to the program until the past six months when she realized that she had started to rack up rewards in her account. 

“In my home we leave the air conditioning on pretty much all year round because we don’t have much air flow and it can get stuffy. I wasn’t doing too much to conserve energy but then I realized that my smart plugs were earning rewards in the background so I started to take it a bit more seriously and I really got into it.” 

These days, she will leave her TV on but shut off the air conditioner and any unnecessary appliances in her two-bedroom apartment. 

“Usually we leave a few things on but sometimes we will turn off everything and go out for a walk.”

Hitting it big on the OhmConnect Wheel

After realizing that her efforts were paying off and that she had racked up nearly 7000 Watts, she started to spin the Wheel, where things really got fun. Her spinning streak won her: 

  • Free smart plugs to help her earn even more rewards during future OhmHours
  • More than $60 cash
  • And more than 100 entries into the prize drawing (for which she was the winner). 

“I honestly didn’t know if the prizes were real but my sister called to tell me that I’d won and I couldn’t believe it. I’m so so happy!”

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