Sharing Is Caring: An OhmConnect winner's story

A win for the whole family

Andrew Coray
January 24, 2023
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When it comes to OhmConnect giveaways, we always try to go big. This giveaway was no different. $2,000 for a complete game room overhaul would be pretty sweet to win, right? 

Bradley E., from Hemet, CA didn’t have a game room in his home to upgrade. Still, after a year and a half of successful OhmHours under his belt, he wagered his hard earned Watts in the Rewards Marketplace on the Wheel and found himself with $2,000 in his pocket. 

That’s the beauty of our giveaways, really! It may be something that fits the winner or it may be the opportunity to win big and simply share the wealth. That is exactly what Bradley decided to do. 

When he found out he won, he was actually sitting in the jury duty waiting room so his excitement was internal, naturally. He texted his wife right away and they started brainstorming what they would do with the winnings! 

They have a one-year-old daughter and it made the most sense to split it three ways. For Bradley, he’ll spend his portion on upgrades for his home aquarium. His wife loves new hobbies and she’s planning on starting a new one. And for their sweet little one, a new indoor jungle gym. 

Bradley told us, “OhmConnect is a great program and I never thought we’d win something this big. I’m excited to keep saving energy and earning rewards”. 

Thanks Bradley and congratulations on your win!

Andrew Coray

Andrew has been an OhmConnect member for five years and is part of the Customer Experience team. His favorite way to save energy is turning off the lights and playing hide and seek with his daughters.

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daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back