daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back
daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back

OhmConnect User Wins $1000 & Puts It Toward Her Family’s School Bus Conversion

"This couldn't have come at a better time."
"This couldn't have come at a better time."

Stockton California OhmConnect user Amanda nearly forgot about last week’s OhmHour.

“Normally I see the notifications the day before and I tell everyone in the house about it, but that day it somehow totally slipped my mind,” she said.

Lucky for her, a ping on her phone reminded her that the event was coming up and she scrambled to unplug, just in the nick of time.

“I was in the middle of cooking dinner and had the dishwasher going and I just froze” she said with a laugh. “My husband and I ran around the house flipping off lights, turning off the TV and stopping the dishwasher mid-cycle. I finished dinner as quickly as I could to get it done in time!”

Lucky for her, she was able to reduce her energy usage by more than 50% and was crowned the latest winner of the MEGA #OhmHours promotion and took home $1000.

“It couldn’t have come at a better time,” Amanda said.

A stay-at-home parent of a five-year-old son (and who is also currently caring for her teenaged niece and nephew) in a single-income family, Amanda and her husband are in the process of fixing up an old school bus to add a bit of living space to their two-bedroom home.

Amanda's bus, pre-renovation.

“We recently bought an old school bus from a farm family for $250. It’s a 1986 GMC, 32-passenger bus that had been sitting on their property for more than 10 years. We needed to rebuild the carburetor, and it needed new tires but everything else was pretty pristine.”

So far they’ve used it as a movie room for her niece’s birthday, and they’re hoping to fix it up until it’s a fully-functioning motorhome.

“Our goal is to drive it up to Colorado this summer to visit family.”

Amanda and her family try to commit to #OhmHours as often as possible, participating together by spending time crocheting, playing games, going for a walk or spending time in the front yard where they are growing strawberries.

“The $1000 aside, #OhmHours help us to make ends meet. It’s a little bit of extra money at Christmas that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

(Note: The header photo in this blog is not Amanda's school bus conversion, but a bit of inspiration from the glamorous Outside Found blog.)

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