daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back
daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back

OhmConnect member joins to fight high energy bills, wins major prize

“Electricity is expensive! OhmConnect is a great way to save some of that money.”
“Electricity is expensive! OhmConnect is a great way to save some of that money.”

About a decade ago, Mike and Jen A took the leap and purchased a 1,300 square foot single-family home in Shingle Springs, CA and were flabbergasted by the increased cost of living. 

“We were new to home ownership and electricity is expensive!” shared Mike. 

They quickly started to look for ways to save money on their monthly bills and discovered OhmConnect – a free program that pays its members to save energy during times of peak demand. 

Members of the program for several years now, Mike and Jen’s names were recently called as the winners of one of OhmConnect’s major prizes: Regal Cinemas movie tickets for life. 

Their energy and money saving tips 

With the weather heating up and electricity prices on the rise (as much as 27% higher than last year for some folks!), it’s wise to think about ways to cut back your usage and keep your bills in check. 

“In California where we live, right now we pay 40 cents per kilowatt hour so it can get really expensive,” Mike shared. “We decided to look into what we could do.” 

Their family’s energy-saving strategy includes: 

  • Shifting their energy use to times when electricity is less expensive. “We make sure never to run the dryer during peak hours, we set the dishwasher to run in the early morning - things like that.” 
  • Getting a solar installation put on their home. 
  • Switching all their light bulbs to CFLs and LEDs. 
  • Saving energy during OhmHours. 

“We use OhmConnect to make a bit of extra money and offset the high bills,” he said. “And when we can, we try and get other people involved to earn even more money from the referrals.” 

Thanks for being part of the OhmConnect community Mike and Jen and have fun at the movies!

Want to give Mike and Jen a virtual high five? Sign up for OhmConnect using their unique referral link and they'll score $20! 

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