daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back
daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back

More than 50,000 multi-family homes unplug for the planet

They’ve already taken nearly 1 Gigawatt of energy off the grid collectively
They’ve already taken nearly 1 Gigawatt of energy off the grid collectively

When it comes to large-scale problems like heatwaves and blackouts driven by climate change, it’s easy for an individual to feel powerless--in more ways than one. 

You may be wondering, “How can I use energy in my home to make a difference?” 

Here’s the magic: there’s power in numbers. And those numbers are growing. 

OhmConnect is a free program where members opt-in to save energy during critical moments when electricity is most expensive and carbon-intensive (dirty). It’s a program made up of hundreds of thousands of members across California, Texas, and New York – each taking small actions like unplugging a laptop or adjusting a thermostat. Actions that can feel small and even insignificant when you’re powering down alone. 

That feeling of personal insignificance creeps in and grows ever bigger for those of us living in smaller spaces like apartments or condo units, with relatively small carbon footprints and energy bills. (Hi, that’s me!) 

How can my use of the stove or laundry machine have an impact when there are sprawling mega mansions out there using more power in an hour than I do in a week? 

What I’ve learned, and what my hundreds of thousands of OhmConnect friends are all catching onto, is that we have immense power when we work together, and it’s the timing of energy use that matters most. 

This month, OhmConnect reached the milestone of more than 50,000 members living in multi-family housing (apartment buildings, condos, shared houses etc.). That’s important because in order to combat climate change, we need everybody to participate--not just people who own houses.


Timing is everything - Get strategic about when you unplug 

How much you pay for energy – and where that energy comes from – depends on the time of day. 

TL/DR: Energy you use during ‘peak hours’ in the evening is likely more expensive and is more likely to have come from a power-plant using fossil fuels than energy you use during the daytime, when solar energy is more accessible. 

Check out this graph below: 


Knowing this information and participating in OhmHours regularly is how our more than 50,000 apartment or condo-dwelling members have saved nearly 1 Gigawatt of energy when it matters most. 

Graphic by Sarah Harman |U.S. Department of Energy 

How much power is a Gigawatt? 

You can think of it this way. The energy saved by apartment- or condo-dwelling OhmConnect members in California alone is the same as: 

  • 3.125 million solar panels
  • 364 wind turbines
  • 110 million LEDs

Or our favorite – the carbon equivalent of planting 839 acres of forest. 

… it’s pretty amazing. 

And we’re not stopping there! 

As we head into summer – when energy prices and grid stress are at their peak – we’ve got exciting plans, promotions, and perks for OhmConnect members who commit to powering down. 

Not yet an OhmConnect member? Join us! 

Want to share the good word about OhmConnect with your friends and family in California, Texas, or New York (and get paid for each referral)? Find your unique referral code here

And remember: Whether your friend lives in an apartment or a McMansion, your referral bonus is still the same. All energy saving is good energy saving in our books!

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