daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back
daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back

MEGA Month Winner Uses OhmHours To Truly Disconnect

“Once I got clear on *why* saving energy matters to me, I got even more invested in OhmHours.”
“Once I got clear on *why* saving energy matters to me, I got even more invested in OhmHours.”

Nora L from Lee Vining, California has been an OhmConnect customer for about two years and credits her steadfast commitment to the regular practice of saving energy as the source of her success. 

“I’m typically not very good at keeping up new routines or habits that I start”, she said in an interview on the phone this week. “But for some reason, OhmConnect stuck.” 

Participating in OhmHours regularly -- even when they’re not convenient -- is a challenge she posed to herself, and the challenge paid off. 

Nora was chosen as one of the $1000 MEGA Month prize winners, earning one of the daily rewards simply for having a smart plug connected to OhmConnect. 

Saving energy, even when the timing is inconvenient

Nora and her partner live in a small apartment in a small town just East of Yosemite National Park where she works as a natural history and birding guide and he is a wildland firefighter. 

Because their energy bill is relatively low, the amount of energy they can save is low and beating their goals can be a challenge - especially when they arrive home around the dinner hour. 

“Some OhmHours have been tough but we’ve figured out ways to plan around them. If I know I have an OhmHour coming up one evening, I’ll prepare a meal ahead of time.” 

Smart plugs automate their savings

Not only did the smart plugs connected to their fridge and TV score them a $1000 prize, they also allow the couple to participate in OhmHours and AutoOhms automatically, earning them rewards even on days when they’re not home to manually unplug. 

“We really take the time during OhmHours to unplug however we can,” she said. “We try not to use our phones or anything and really disconnect. We don’t earn a ton of money but I really do look forward to the time. We make it fun by gamifying our energy saving. Even if it’s just for a few dollars during the hour, it’s a lifestyle change I’ve committed to and it’s a lot of fun.”

Congratulations Nora and thanks for being part of the OhmConnect community! 

Want to give Nora a virtual high five? Sign up for OhmConnect using her unique referral link and she’ll score $50 and you get a free smart thermostat!

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