Chill Bills: Who is the pineapple wearing sunglasses and why is he everywhere?

Have you been seeing a pineapple wearing sunglasses lately and wondering why?

Kevin Hoffman
August 19, 2022

Have you been seeing a pineapple wearing sunglasses lately and wondering why?

If you are a regular reader of our Weekly Summary emails, you've seen the pineapple wearing sunglasses next to our Energy Tip of the Week (helpful tricks to help you save electricity when it's most expensive). You'll also find the pineapple wearing sunglasses on the OhmConnect homepage when you go to log into your account.

This summer, you'll be seeing a lot more of the pineapple wearing sunglasses in an animated commercial we are running. You can see a sneak preview of it here:

So who is this guy?

We've affectionately nicknamed him "Chill Bill," and he is the embodiment of saving energy and not worrying about electric bills this summer.

OhmConnect is making a big push to recruit members this summer to help them save money and energy when it's most expensive. We're a power-in-numbers program, so the more members we have, the better we can stabilize the grid and help prevent looming summer blackouts without turning on high polluting gas-fired peaker plants.

We are expecting record summer energy prices. We talked to a leading energy expert to find out why and how to avoid getting hit with budget-busting bills of +$200 or more per month.

This summer, OhmConnect has made it our mission to save you 15% or more on your energy bills. We're doing this by offering customized recommendations to members on how to save money and energy. We're also giving away at least $5 million in cash and prizes this summer to members.

We'll also help you understand the impact of Time of Use rates, and how to use them to save money on chores, rather than paying twice as much to do the same load of laundry.

Our goal is to help you feel like that pineapple wearing sunglasses--relaxed and enjoying your summer--rather than like the strawberry you see fretting about the rising cost of electricity and the impact it will have on the family budget. Summer is too short to waste it worrying about energy bills!

Kevin Hoffman

Kevin is a multimedia journalist and brand strategist who writes about science and technology.

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daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back