California and OhmConnect gearing up for wildfires

Find out what to do with your OhmConnect account if you’re affected by wildfires this summer.

Nora Xu
September 12, 2022
Climate Change
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Californians all across the state, including us here at OhmConnect, are preparing for the inevitable: fire season. With emergency drought orders issued in 41 counties across the state, it is important for us all to monitor wildfire conditions, potential wildfire impacts, and practice fire safety!

If I’m affected by wildfires, what should I do with my OhmConnect account?

You don’t need to do anything with your OhmConnect account! Please focus on the safety and health of you and your family.

The team here at OhmConnect will be monitoring the CalFire incident map to do our best to identify customers by zipcode who are in strongly fire-affected areas, and omit them from OhmHours. If you are affected by wildfires but have already been asked to participate in an energy saving event, your performance will be automatically forgiven. Your safety is our first concern and we want you to be focusing on your immediate safety and needs if you are in a high-wildfire risk situation!

If you do see impacts on your performance, please reach out to us by visiting

What we do now is more important than ever. While California has always experienced fires, we have seen an  increase in wildfires across the state along with drier, hotter weather. This is creating major stress on the grid -- so much so that California had to roll blackouts for hundreds of thousands of customers last year. We hope to prevent that this year, with your help! By saving energy and getting paid, you’re helping California keep the lights on. 

Stay safe. 

Nora Xu

Nora is the Market Operations Manager at OhmConnect, where she works on the day-to-day operations of the company! She's been in the energy industry for over a decade and strongly believes in the power of engaging everyone to decarbonize.

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