We asked the OhmConnect Staff: Who would you want to spend an OhmHour with, and what would you do?

It's nice to spend #OhmHours with each other and all, but if we had a chance to grab an hour with anyone in the world, these folks would top our lists.

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Katie Overmonds
February 21, 2018

It probably comes as no surprise that around here, we’re pretty into #OhmHours.

Our team is committed to reducing our energy usage for an hour when the grid is under stress  - in part because we want to do our part for the environment and in part because we (like you) like getting paid!

This week I asked the team the question “If you could choose anyone in the world, who would you want to spend an #OhmHour with, and what would you do?”

Here’s who we would love to grab an hour with:

#1) Brian Kooiman

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Role: Senior Markets Analyst

My wife Elise and I spend almost every #OhmHour together. And when we're not maximizing our energy reductions together during #OhmHours, one of our other big hobbies is, yes, watching a ton of HGTV. In particular, we've been huge fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines and their popular show "Fixer Upper." We would love to spend an #OhmHour with them and learn more about their life journey, how they've built such an impressive home and lifestyle empire while still keeping such positive attitudes, and maybe pick up a couple of tips on how to spruce up our own apartment. Of course, we would want to meet over ice cream at Salt & Straw, our go-to place during any #OhmHour (try the olive oil ice cream -- it's shockingly delicious)!

#2) Katie Overmonds (that’s me!)

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Role at OhmConnect: Communications and Marketing

If I could, I’d spend an #OhmHour with Michelle Obama. I’d love to pick her brain on life in the White House, her thoughts on the future of politics in America, any innovative climate solutions she’s heard of lately and if we ran out of things to talk about (though I can’t imagine we would), maybe she could give me a tutorial of her famous tricep workout. Workouts are always more fun with a friend, right? (She and I are fast friends in this scenario, obviously :))

#3) Curtis Tongue

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Role at OhmConnect: CMO

Would spend the hour with Leonardo Dicaprio. His dedication to the environment has been an inspiration to so many people across the world. The work the Dicaprio Foundation advances does on climate resilience across the globe puts people first. Movements start at the community level and having grids make smarter energy decisions is an inherently a ‘power in numbers’ concept. Would love to learn more about how they advocate climate solutions in diverse communities all across the globe.

#4) Kate Ambash

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Role: Community Manager

If I could spend an #OhmHour with someone, I’d spend it with Barack Obama. I’m intrigued by his whole family, but his politics, his sudden rise to power, and the conflict with which he was met in office would offer no end of conversation topics.

#5) Carson Moore

Hometown: SF, CA

Role: Software Engineer

I would spend my hypothetical #OhmHour with Melinda Gates. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation does amazing work in health, development, education and policy, and I think an #OhmHour would be a great time to discuss the role that energy plays in development and the problems associated with pollution and unreliable energy grids in developing nations. I also love seeing how talented and driven people learn from failures and turn them into successes, and as a former project manager on Microsoft Bob (!) I’m sure she has some valuable insight on that front.

#6) Matt Duesterberg

Hometown: SF, CA

Role: CEO

Richard Branson, who is a marketing genius. Able to take large, antiquated industries like airlines and telecommunications, and make it exciting. The brand itself of Virgin feels exciting to be a part of, and even though I traditionally choose the lowest cost airline for any flight, I find myself increasingly willing to pay more for a better experience. This is what we see OhmConnect as. Your energy provider is often dull, uninteresting, and full of useless knowledge, but at OhmConnect, we hope to make it a fun, exciting experience to use energy.

#7) Lillian Mirviss

Hometown: SF, CA

Role: Project Manager

I would spend my dream #OhmHour with California Governor Edmund Gerald Brown Jr. From Governor Moonbeam to the Climate Change Warrior he is today, I would love to hear his approach to local and international climate and energy policies, how his governing style has evolved since his first term in 1975, and what keeps him excited about standing strong for California. Having worked for the State of California, I have always admired his leadership and his candor, and I’d be especially curious to learn about how his stance on these issues has shifted in response to federal legislative changes. Most importantly, I’d have to ask about how I could get my hands on a deck of Sutter Brown playing cards.

#8) Zack Fediay

Hometown: SF, CA

Role: Growth Marketer

My first thought was that I would spend my #OhmHour with Elon Musk, but his extreme intelligence is a bit intimidating and I bet he would be a bit socially awkward (you can’t have it all, Elon). So I would probably spend it with Leo Babauta, creator of Zen Habits. I feel like I’ve slightly lost touch with my inner zen and this dude is absolutely amazing - a pioneer when it comes to mindfulness, simplicity, and the overall pursuit of happiness. Seems like the perfect person to spend time with when shutting off.

#9) Cadir Lee

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

Role: President & CTO

I have two boys age 10 & 12 and we often spend our #OhmHour outside playing basketball.  We’d be psyched to have Steph Curry join us.  His continuous dedication to effective practice is a habit we discuss and try to emulate.  Plus my kids like to talk trash and have a bunch of trick spots they like to shoot from -- hopefully Steph could take them down a notch or two on the court.

#10) Elissa Goldner

Hometown: SF, CA

Role: Senior Software Engineer

If given the chance, I would love to join Ruth Bader Ginsberg in one of her notorious workout sessions!  She in her 70’s and can do 20+ pushups!  As a young woman working in an industry dominated by men and as a young woman who struggles completing five pushups, I think there is a lot I can learn from RBG if I got to spend an #OhmHour with her.  

#11) Donshea Williams

Hometown: Oakley, CA

Role: Project Manager

There are so many influential people I would love to talk to get their perspective on current events based on their experiences. I would like to have my family to spend an #OhmHour with Martin Luther King Jr.  We would discuss how the world has changed and what things remain the same. We would talk about the importance of education, spiritual enlightenment and techniques for achieving goals while overcoming barriers.

#12) John Anderson

Hometown: Victoria, Canada

Role: Director of Energy Markets

I’d like to spend an #OhmHour with David Letterman. I grew up watching “The Late Show” and I’ve always appreciated Dave’s thoughtful interviews and self-deprecating humor. For me, #OhmHours are excellent opportunities to have meaningful conversations with friends and family, free from the distractions of the daily grind. I don’t think Dave would object to a 60-minute chat by candlelight -- I’d just hope his beard doesn’t catch on fire.

#13) Mike Hanson

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

Role: Partnerships

I’d love to have an #OhmHour with Steven Spielberg. We could explore topics like “Have you actually met an alien?” and “Which of your movies are you most concerned might actually come true?” and “What do you have in the works for your next movie?”

#14) Scott Matt

Hometown: Burlingame, CA

Role: Community Manager

I would love to spend my #OhmHour George Lucas. I’ve always loved his work (Well, his first three Star Wars movies), and since I usually play board games during our #OhmHours, I’d love to test my mettle at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit against the One True Jedi Master.

Tell us! Who would YOU want to spend an #OhmHour with?

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