Save On Electric Bills and Make Money

Need some help paying bills? Or maybe to trim down your monthly expenses? If you’ve dreamed of finding a legitimate way to earn passive income and make money online, you’ve come to the right place.

With OhmConnect, you can get paid to save energy. Good for your planet, and good for your wallet. Here’s where we show you how it’s done.

Make Money and Save Energy with OhmConnect Watts

Whenever you can successfully save energy during an OhmHour or AutoOhm, you'll earn Watts. (Not sure what an OhmHour or AutoOhm is? Start here.) And Watts are worth money or rewards in the OhmConnect Rewards Marketplace! When you have Watts in your OhmConnect account, you can do any of the following:

The Key to Fast Cash Is Understanding Your Potential Watts

In order to earn OhmConnect Watts (which you can cash out as fast cash or gift cards), you need to use less energy than you’re predicted to during the OhmHour or AutoOhm.

At its most basic, your Potential Watts are the amount of Watts you could earn if you were to use no power at all in your home during the OhmHour or AutoOhm. It represents how much electricity you could conceivably reduce during an OhmHour or AutoOhm and is calculated using your historical smart meter data.

For a deeper dive on how to make money by understanding your Potential Watts, check out these handy resources:

Make money tip #1: Connect a smart home device (or many!). How you can earn passive income during OhmHours and AutoOhms

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    Automatically participate in OhmHours without lifting a finger. No need to run around the house to power down those energy-hogging appliances, like your fridge. Let us do the heavy lifting for you! Connect those appliances to smart plugs and we’ll power them off and back on during your energy saving events.
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    Get exclusive access to AutoOhms. Connected smart devices get you access to our shorter, simpler energy-saving events called AutoOhms. You earn a flat rate for every plug and thermostat that turns off. The more you connect, the more you’ll earn!
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    Earn more money than ever before. OhmConnect customers with smart plugs connected to their energy-hogging appliances earn an average of ~3x points during OhmHours as those without.

Smart home devices like a smart thermostat and smart plugs  can help you save energy on their own, but their impact is multiplied when they’re connected to your OhmConnect account.

By connecting a smart home device (like a smart thermostat or a smart plug) with OhmConnect you can:

Make money tip #2: Go big! Earn extra cash for deep energy reductions

The way to win is simple - the more energy you can save, the more money you can earn. Here are a few of our favorite tips for saving as much energy as possible when an OhmHour or AutoOhm comes your way:

Make money tip #3: Win big money with OhmConnect’s biweekly prizes!

Over the years, OhmConnect has awarded dozens of prize winners with hundreds of thousands of dollars in gift cards, prizes and cash, all because those lucky energy savers took a chance. 

Every other week, you have the chance to spend your Watts on entries into that week’s epic prize, roughly valued at around $5000 each time. Feeling lucky? Your energy savings could win you BIG rewards!

Congratulations to OhmConnect customers who’ve had lady luck on their side already: