Make Money with OhmConnect

Did you know you can make money selling your unused electricity back to the grid?

OhmConnect unlocks the value of your home by giving you a way to cash in on the energy you don’t use. Not only will you save on your electric bill each month, but you’ll also get an extra payment each month to help the budget. It’s a win-win!

Whether you want just a little extra month each month, or you want to really add a second income through referrals, there are many ways to make money with OhmConnect.Here are the top three:

Max Out Smart Devices

You know that OhmConnect pays you each month for saving energy using smart devices. You can use just one smart plug and receive $1 each month. But why stop there? You could connect a smart thermostat and two smart plugs to get the maximum payout of $7 every month just for saving energy using smart devices! That difference adds up over time. In just three months, you’d earn $21 with the max payment vs. $3 with the minimum. You get to decide how much you earn each month based on how many smart devices you link to your OhmConnect account, so give yourself a raise! Add a smart plug or thermostat and truly get your money’s worth!

Use Watts to Spin for Referral Bonuses

This one is a bit of a secret for people who have figured out how to use a cheat code in the game. Here’s how it works: You earn Watts for your overall energy savings. This includes the energy you save with your smart devices as well as additional energy savings from turning things off manually or delaying chores. You can use these Watts in the OhmConnect Rewards Marketplace to spin the prize Wheel. One of the prizes on the Wheel is a referral bonus that will allow you to significantly boost the amount you earn for each successful referral. Spin the Wheel until you get this.

Refer Everyone You Know

Now that you have the bonus, get any eligible friends and family members to sign up. They’ll get paid, and you’ll max out your referral payment. One OhmConnect member earned $41,000 from referrals in one month (results not typical). The key is to maximize your Wheel bonus by getting as many friends and family members as you know to sign up while it’s active. Some of our members post their unique referral code on their Facebook or Instagram page to spread the word and bring in the referral rewards when it matters most. If there’s one thing that the top earning members of OhmConnect have in common, it’s that they are able to consistently maximize their referral rewards.