What Are OhmConnect Streaks & What Can They Do For Me?

No, not THAT kind of streak.

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Katie Overmonds
April 27, 2018

You may have noticed the box in the bottom, left-hand corner of your OhmConnect dashboard which shows the number of successful #OhmHours you’ve accomplished.

It looks like this:

These are streaks.

At OhmConnect we are on a mission to build a virtual power plant of users who are able to consistently beat their forecast.  We reward that consistency with streak bonuses. Your streak measures the number of consecutive #OhmHours in which you beat your forecast.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You earn an additional 5% bonus for each successful #OhmHour you achieve in a row up to 20 #OhmHours
  • The increased streak bonus gets applied to your next #OhmHour… so you will receive a 5% bonus on your second #OhmHour once your streak is 2, 10% when it reaches 3, etc.
  • You'll earn the 5% bonus for a streak up to 20 #OhmHours in a row. After that, your streak count will continue to go up, but you'll keep getting the max 100% bonus (20 #OhmHours x 5% = 100% bonus).
  • If you opt out of an #OhmHour, you will break your streak
  • If you get zero or negative points, you will break your streak
  • If you break your streak beyond 20 #OhmHours, we soften the blow and bump you down to a streak of 10 instead of 0. No tears here!
  • There is a streak shield card in the Token Marketplace which will allow you to maintain your streak if it is broken... great reason to earn tokens on every #OhmHours!
  • Prize #OhmHours also count towards your streak

Some #OhmHour super-saver users have reached streaks of more than ONE HUNDRED EVENTS. (I know. It blew our minds too.) Check out power-user Sylvester’s story here.

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