The #OhmHours May Slow Down, But The Fun Doesn’t Stop This Season

Don’t let the winter blues get you down. OhmConnect’s big prizes are stickin’ around!

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Curtis Tongue
October 2, 2018

As you may have already noticed, the seasons are a-changing over here at OhmConnect. As we wrap up MEGA Summer and bask in the glow of all the amazing things we accomplished together as a community, we’re also looking forward to what’s next.

The changing seasons and cooling temperatures don’t only mean we’re trading our bathing suits for cozy sweaters, it also means changes to the way the electricity grid operates, which translates into some changes to the OhmConnect experience. In short summary, you’ll get fewer #OhmHours and the number of points you’ll earn during a given #OhmHour will likely be a bit lower.

Here’s what’s happening, from a grid perspective:

Why the slowdown of #OhmHours and points?

  • The grid is more stable. As temperatures drop across the state and we’re less reliant on energy-hogging air conditioning units, demand on the energy grid is less intense.
  • The prices of electricity are lower. VERY long (and complicated) story short, electricity costs less to generate in the winter because we simply need less of it, but still have the same resources available to generate it. When demand is lower, the cheaper, more sustainable sources of energy (like wind and solar) can cover more of our needs and so the cost of electricity (and the amount energy companies are willing to pay for reduction) goes down. (Want to learn more about where the prices of electricity come from? Check out this blog from our Founder and CEO, Matt.)

And while grid stability is a good thing for the planet (less demand = less need to fire up dirty power plants), we want to keep the good times rolling all year long!

Introducing OhmConnect’s next big thing: Prize #OhmHours

Here’s what you need to know about what’s coming down the pipeline for OhmConnect users:

  1. The prize giveaways will continue! Every two weeks, you’ll have the chance to win a BIG prize. (Home Depot shopping spree, anyone? Your mortgage paid for a month? A cruise through the Hawaiian islands?)
  1. You’ll get about one #OhmHour per week throughout the winter season, and these #OhmHours will either be a regular #OhmHour or one of our new Prize #OhmHours. When you get a Prize #OhmHour, you won’t get points for reducing energy — instead you’ll be entered into the drawing to win the next big prize. Heads up: Prize #OhmHours will still count toward your streak and status level, as long as you beat your forecast. Why? #OhmHours come when the grid needs us most — so whether you're saving to earn points or a chance to win that trip to Hawaii, always power down your home whenever any kind of #OhmHour comes your way.
  1. Every two weeks (on Sunday nights at 5pm), we’ll broadcast the Prize #OhmHour winner (or winners!) on Facebook Live. We’ll also keep you in the loop on new updates about OhmConnect, answer any questions, and who knows —  maybe see some special guests visit the stage!
  1. We’ll be giving away another $100,000 Grand Prize, but the rules are a bit different this time around. We’ll be tracking how much energy all of OhmConnect saves this season, and once we’ve collectively reduced enough energy, we’ll announce another Grand Prize drawing for $100,000!

To be eligible to win a prize during a Prize #Ohmhour you’ll need to do one of the following:

1. Beat your Prize #OhmHour goal. We’ll tell you what your specific goal for that Prize #OhmHour is in the email and SMS ahead of time — it’ll be lower than your forecast, but not as tough as MEGA goals were this summer.

2. Or, refer someone new to OhmConnect who reaches Silver

3. Or, have a smart device (like a smartplug or smart thermostat) respond (turn off or down!) during a Prize #OhmHour

Remember: you just have to do one of these to qualify for the prize each round, not all three!

We can’t wait to get started.

The first episode of OhmConnect Live will be broadcast later this month right on our Facebook page -the exact date to be announced soon. Tune in to find out what’s up for grabs in the first week of the next round of giveaways!

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