MEGA Summer is here!

Win $100,000 and other cool prizes by showing off your energy saving skills this summer!

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Curtis Tongue
May 28, 2018

You’ve heard of #OhmHours, those moments when it pays to save energy. This summer, get ready for MEGA #OhmHours … energy-saving moments when it matters most to the environment and your wallet.

Starting June 4th and continuing through September 22nd, we’ve lined up some huge prizes this summer to reward the very best energy savers when they hit their MEGA #OhmHour goal.

Here’s how it works:

1. Hit your MEGA #OhmHour goal or refer a friend

Each MEGA #OhmHour has an energy-saving goal. If you hit that goal or a friend you’ve referred to OhmConnect achieves Silver status that week, you’ll be qualified for a chance to win a weekly prize.

2) Weekly prize announced on Facebook Live at 5pm on Sundays

On Sunday evening, a randomly chosen qualified user will be awarded and announced on Facebook Live. $5,000 Target Shopping Sprees, family vacations to Iceland, and more could be in your future!

Ever dreamed of going to Iceland? This summer, you'll get a chance to score a free trip! 

3) Get entered for a chance at $100,000

The prizes we have in store for this summer are nothing short of amazing, including a $5,000 Target Run, an extended weekend in Iceland, and dinner at the French Laundry. Check here to see the prize of the week.

Qualify for the weekly prize three times this summer for a chance to win $100,000 on September 26th.


Here are the details:

  • Pay close attention to your #OhmHour notifications so you don't miss any MEGA #OhmHours
  • Your maximum impact will come from shutting off your circuit breaker, which we recommend doing if you are at home before and after a MEGA #OhmHour
  • Learn more about hidden energy zappers in your home and use smart plugs to make sure they are off during #OhmHours when you can't turn off your circuit breaker
  • Make sure you understand your forecast so you can be as strategic as possible
  • Head out during your #OhmHour or plan activities for your family to avoid accidental energy use

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. Fire us a note on Twitter or by clicking the ‘Help’ icon on your dashboard.

Haven't connected your OhmConnect account to your utility yet? There's still time to get on board with MEGA Summer! Visit to get connected and start earning for the energy you save.

We’ve got big goals for this summer and we can’t wait to see what we accomplish together.

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