Meet the new OhmConnect

It’s the same energy-saving program you’ve grown to love — just simpler, more rewarding, and with a totally fresh look.

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Sophie Lubin
February 25, 2021

It’s a big day at OhmConnect! We’ve been listening to your feedback and have been working hard to completely rethink the OhmConnect experience.  We’re thrilled to release a new streamlined web-app that makes earning rewards easier than ever.

Some of our favorite features include:

  • What you need, at your fingertips. It’s now much easier to find out about upcoming OhmHours and AutoOhms, connect smart home devices, check your results, and redeem rewards from your smartphone or tablet.
  • You earn every time you save energy.  We’ve simplified OhmHours and AutoOhms. No more Prize or MEGA OhmHours: now every OhmHour and AutoOhm rewards you for automatically saving energy.
  • More ways to get rewarded. We’ve completely rethought the rewards experience — putting you in control of how to redeem your hard-earned Watts. Now you have more options for how to redeem your Watts. You can use your Watts to enter to win prizes, get gift cards or cash, score new smart home tech, and more!

Here’s a sneak peek:

OhmConnect new  product preview showing a phone screen on a blue background

Want to know even more about what’s changed?

  1. “Watts” are the new currency. Instead of keeping track of Tokens and Points, now you’ll earn “Watts” during all your OhmHours and AutoOhms. Every watt you reduce from your household energy use, is one Watt you’ll earn with OhmConnect! Have no fear, your existing Tokens and Points have now been converted into Watts.
  1. Know how much you can earn ahead of time. You’ll be able to see how many Watts you can potentially earn before an event begins. As you know, some OhmHours are worth more than others, depending on the needs of the grid at any given time. Now you can see how much is on the line before your event happens! Have a boatload of Watts up for grabs? Now’s the time to power down in a big way.
  1. Bonus Watts for each smart home device. Savvy energy savers know that smart thermostats and plugs are the key to earning more with OhmConnect. In every AutoOhm and now OhmHour, too, you’ll earn a bonus for each smart home device that participates — on top of the Watts you get for saving energy during each event. The more devices you connect, the more you’ll automatically earn.
  1. Streamlined notifications (and fewer emails!) We want event notifications to be useful and timely. For OhmHours, we’ll let you know about an upcoming event via email and SMS usually 24 hours beforehand. For AutoOhms, the grid needs support in real-time, so alerts will only be sent right before the event starts. For both kinds, you’ll only receive SMS messages on the day of the events, instead of both SMS and emails.

spin-town feature for the new OhmConnect's rewards market place

  1. Shop like a VIP. The higher your OhmConnect Status, the further your Watts go in the Rewards Marketplace. If you’re Gold, you’ll get a 10% discount on all items; Platinum gets 15%, and Diamond gets 20%.
  1. Cash out anytime. There’s no limit to the number of times you can cash out in the Rewards Marketplace. Get yourself a new smart plug today, a gift card next week, and enter to win a Peloton right after that!

The way all of us use energy is changing and the electric grid is changing with it. You have been with us for the start of this transition and played a critical part in making this future possible.

We’re itching to get every one of you set up for success in the new world of OhmConnect, and that starts with connecting your first smart device. In fact, we’re offering a special deal to many folks who don’t yet have one! See if you qualify.

As always, we want to hear your thoughts. Have comments, feedback or suggestions? Let us know! Thank you and we hope you enjoy the new OhmConnect!

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