Meet the new OhmConnect

Automatically earn cash for saving energy. More earnings, less effort.

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Sophie Lubin
May 4, 2020

It’s here! A simpler, easier OhmConnect, all for you!

Get more rewards for less effort with AutoOhms, our new, shorter energy-saving events that are hands-free and 100% automated. Plus, we just launched OhmSmart, our new membership program that gives you special bonuses to maximize your energy savings and is the easiest way to unlock AutoOhms -- all for just $4.99/month! On top of that, we are also gearing up for summer, when more energy saving means more money in your pocket.

So many things to get excited about! Read on to learn more.

A phone showing the new feature of Ohmconnect: AutoOhms with text explaining it next to it

AutoOhms are a simpler way to get rewarded. Get access once you connect devices; they'll do all the work for you. No running around your house; no complicated energy goal to understand.

During an AutoOhm, your smart devices will automatically power down energy hogs in your home, like your fridge. You'll earn a flat rate for every 15 minutes each appliance is off.

Just sit back as your devices power down, and watch as the cash rolls in. In fact, that could be an extra $130 in your wallet if you connect one smart thermostat and one smart plug.

And, the more devices you connect, the more you'll earn! Read below about our new program OhmSmart, the easiest way to get more devices straight to you.

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white image with blue text explaining OhmSmart, the new feature of OhmConnect

Not getting AutoOhms yet? Here's how you can!

Meet our new program, OhmSmart. 

Take your energy rewards to the next level. For just $4.99 per month, opt into this new experience and maximize your earnings with:

  • Hands-free energy saving. We’ll equip you with smart plugs to power down your home’s two most energy hogging appliances when energy costs are high. The best part? We do the heavy lifting for you! We'll turn these plugs off and back on during energy saving events, earning you cash without lifting a finger.  
  • More chances to earn. You’ll get priority access to more frequent, higher paying,shorter windows of energy saving called AutoOhms. Read more about AutoOhms above.
  • VIP money-making potential. OhmConnect customers with connected devices earn on average 2x the rewards during #OhmHours as those without.
  • Invincibility. Gone are the days when you need to worry about missing an #OhmHour and breaking your hard-earned streak. An OhmSmart membership means your streak is always protected, even if you miss an #OhmHour.
  • A sale that never ends. All that new cash in your pocket makes you want to upgrade even further? Your membership gets you 10% off anything in the OhmConnect store, no questions asked. 
  • And, for a limited time, the first month is on us!
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Blue image with white text informing about Summer at OhmConnect

MEGA Summer is back, and so are the chances to earn big rewards and weekly prizes. With summers in California getting hotter and hotter, you can make the biggest impact on the climate, the community and your wallet by conserving energy during the times that matter most.

Rewards for #OhmHours will be bigger, the prizes more plentiful, and the ways to win easier than any other time during the year.

The trick to earn big? Save energy during every #OhmHour to improve your status and unlock bonus points. Start saving now to hit the ground running on June 1! Stay tuned for more details.

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