Fall and Winter at OhmConnect: Win Prizes with Power in Numbers!

During Fall and Winter, we’re giving away big prizes every couple of weeks. Plus one lucky energy saver will win the Grand Prize of $100,000!

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Curtis Tongue

The seasons are a-changing! As we wrap up MEGA Summer and bask in the glow of all the amazing things we accomplished together as a community, we’re also looking forward to what’s next.

The changing seasons and cooling temperatures don’t only mean we’re trading our bathing suits for cozy sweaters, it also means changes to the way the electricity grid operates, which translates into some changes to the OhmConnect experience. 

Here’s what’s happening, from a grid perspective:

  • The grid is more stable. As temperatures drop across the state and we’re less reliant on energy-hogging air conditioning units, demand on the energy grid is less intense.
  • The prices of electricity are lower. VERY long (and complicated) story short, electricity costs less to generate in the winter because we simply need less of it, but still have the same resources available to generate it. When demand is lower, the cheaper, more sustainable sources of energy (like wind and solar) can cover more of our needs and so the cost of electricity (and the amount energy companies are willing to pay for reduction) goes down. (Want to learn more about where the prices of electricity come from? Check out this blog from our Founder, Matt.)

And while grid stability is a good thing for the planet (less demand = less need to fire up dirty power plants), we want to keep the good times rolling all year long!

Winning prizes with Power in Numbers

What you can expect: 

  1. Prize giveaways will continue! Starting October 1st, our Power in Numbers program is back on! We’re giving away prizes every other week to active energy savers like you. You could win awesome prizes like your energy bill paid for a year or a brand new energy efficient washer and dryer. And, if you qualify for the bi-weekly prizes five times, you’ll be entered in to win the $100,000 Grand Prize, which is drawn when our community collectively saves 1 Gigawatt! Check out what we’re giving away next
  2. To qualify for the bi-weekly prizes, you must either achieve Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status, get a referral to Silver status, connect your very first smart device, or beat your Prize #OhmHour goal. Every other Sunday at 5pm PST, we’ll broadcast the latest Power in Numbers winner on our Facebook Live show. 
  1. During these cooler months, you’ll receive primarily Prize #OhmHours. Prize #OhmHours count towards your status, but not your streak, and they don’t award points. Many users will receive the occasional regular #OhmHour for points. Users can expect an average of one #OhmHour per week.  ‍

To be eligible to win a prize, you’ll need to do one of the following:

1. Have an OhmConnect status of Gold or better during the week of the prize draw, or

2. Beat your Prize #OhmHour goal. We’ll tell you what your specific goal for that Prize #OhmHour is in the email and SMS ahead of time, or

3. Refer someone new to OhmConnect who reaches Silver status and saves energy during an #OhmHour, or

4. Connect your very first smart device (like a smart plug or smart thermostat) to OhmConnect. (Which also means you'll be eligible to earn money during our shorter energy-saving events, AutoOhms!)

 Remember: you just have to do one of these to qualify for the prize each round, not all four!

We can’t wait to get started. The first episode of Power In Numbers will happening at 5PM PT on Sunday, October 11th on our Facebook page. Tune in to find out what’s up for grabs in the first week of the next round of giveaways!

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