Earn More With A Buddy: Introducing OhmConnect's New Way to Make Money

You want more points. We listened. That’s why we made Buddy.

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Katie Overmonds
February 15, 2018

02/15/2018We know you love earning points during #OhmHours, and that you’d like to earn even more points. And if you've ever been to a spin class at the gym, you know that even the most challenging of feats feel easier when you have a partner to cheer you on.

So we made OhmConnect Buddy.

Now anyone (regardless of their baseline) can earn $100 per year with OhmConnect

Buddy is a program where you team up with another OhmConnect saver in your area. You’ll get an #OhmHour on the same day as your partner, and each time you both save, you’ll earn an extra 100 tokens and up to 100 extra points!

Since #OhmHours are local (generally, you and your neighbor are given an #OhmHour by the grid at the same time), your partner has to live near you.

So how do I start earning points in Buddy?

You will be receiving an invitation to join Buddy, or you can just click here to join.

Once you’ve joined, you can either invite someone you know to join you, or you can click the “Get me a Buddy” button - you’ll be automatically matched with a user near you.

The number of points you earn is tied directly to the average percent you and your partner reduce below your forecast. Let’s say you reduce 40% below your forecast, and your buddy reduces 30%. Your average reduction for that #OhmHour is 35%, and both you and your buddy will get an extra 35 points!

You might already be enrolled! 

One user, Sid, has already earned more than $40 through the Buddy Program, without changing anything about this normal #OhmHour routine.

“I knew that my Buddy and I were beating our forecasts on a regular basis, but I actually wasn’t aware that we were actually performing this well. It is good to see the benefits of participating in the Buddy Program translate into tangible benefits.

For me personally, Buddy serves as an additional motivation to do well,” Sid explained, “The fact that I can now reach out to someone who lives in my vicinity to learn energy conservation tips and tricks is an added bonus.”

Before the Buddy program:

Now that Buddy is here:

Want to plan your #OhmHour with your buddy and keep each other honest? You can chat with your buddy about your upcoming #OhmHour and see an activity stream of the cool things your buddy is doing: connecting their devices, leveling up, and what they are pledging to do during a #OhmHour.

(In case you were wondering, the guys above aren’t actually randomly-paired buddies. It’s Cadir and John from the OhmConnect team modeling for our launch of the new program. But they’re buddies in real life so that counts, right?)

YOU get a buddy! (And YOU get a buddy!)


Participation is easy. You can either invite a friend or click the “Get me a Buddy” button and we’ll match you with someone who lives near you. Check it out!

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