Diamonds Are An Energy Saver’s Best Friend

Introducing Diamond status! Read on for important updates on changes to #OhmHour streaks and status levels.

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Sophie Lubin
November 13, 2018

If you’re an OhmConnect community member, you know that the business of energy sharing (where you get paid for the energy you don’t use) is an emerging, transforming industry.

When we started OhmConnect in 2014, we truly didn’t know if our big idea would work. We weren’t sure if the mechanics of the energy grid could handle what we were proposing and honestly, we didn’t know if anyone would want to participate!

But we were optimistic. We wanted to give Californians the chance to do something good for the planet, while getting paid for their good deeds at the same time. We set out with some ambitious goals (to first set our sights on 1 MWh of energy saved) and some crazy ideas (like giving users a 5% bonus payment for every successful #OhmHour they achieved in a row).

Fast forward nearly five years and we cannot believe how far we’ve come. Together as an OhmConnect community, we have:

  • Participated in more than 20 million #OhmHours
  • Reduced more than 900 MWh, the carbon equivalent of planting 3.5 million trees (We surpassed our 1MWh goal by just a bit!)

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, and we know that if we want to keep the movement growing and the business model sustainable, we will need to make some changes to elements of the customer experience.

New feature: The streak saver

First things first, is a change to the way streaks work. When we started OhmConnect and said “We should give people a 5% bonus for every successful #OhmHour ... forever!”, we underestimated your dedication to keep your streaks alive. (We’ve heard stories of community members bursting into tears when they broke their streak … and we totally understand the feeling!)  

And while it’s AMAZING that our collective commitment to energy saving has skyrocketed past our expectations (some users are currently at streaks of more than 150 #OhmHours in a row!), it truthfully, simply isn’t affordable for us to continue paying out upwards of 600% of the #OhmHour points, every #OhmHour. (For anyone interested, here’s some context on how we get paid and where the money comes from!) Because of this, we’re making a few changes to how streaks will work. Going forward:

  • Like the old streak process, if you beat your forecast for more than one #OhmHour in a row, you’ll get a 5% bonus. Do it again, and you’ll get another 5% bonus.
  • Here’s how it’s different: You’ll get that 5% extra bonus up to a streak of 20. After that, you’ll earn a flat 100% bonus (5% x 20 OhmHours = 100% bonus), but not more, though your streak count will continue to go up!
  • We want to help keep your streak alive. We know that getting up to streaks of 10 or 20 isn’t easy and we want to recognize your hard work, even if you accidentally leave a power strip plugged in and go over your forecast one day.  So we’re adding fallbacks: if you break your streak when you were above 20 #OhmHours, you’ll start back at a streak of 10, instead of all the way back at 0. No tears necessary!

New feature: Diamond status

We’ve got some big news for those Ohm’ers who dig deep with their energy savings every #OhmHour.

This is for those of you who see the requirements for platinum status and think “Pfft - 40 percent?! I could do that in my sleep!” (We’re looking at you, breaker-flippers and smartplug aficionados).

Say hello to Diamond status: Now, if you can average an 80% energy reduction below your forecast for the most recent 20 #OhmHours, you’ll reach Diamond status and earn a 2.5X multiplier on all #OhmHours going forward.

We have been floored by how much energy some of you have been reducing lately and we want to reward you for your efforts. Savers like you are who the grid needs most!

As we continue to grow and evolve the industry of energy sharing, we know there will be tweaks and adjustments along the way to ensure we’re being as efficient as possible, and we can continue to maximize the amount our users get paid for their energy savings.

We want to hear what you think!

Both of these changes will take effect this Friday, November 16. But like always, we want to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback — especially on this, since we know folks love their streaks and change is hard for all of us. We’ll be hosting an “Ask Me Anything” session this Wednesday afternoon, November 14th on Facebook Live starting at 4PM where you can ask OhmConnect’s President, Cadir Lee, anything that’s on your mind.

We hope you join the conversation on Wednesday!

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