Announcing Mega #OhmHours!

Get ready to earn higher rewards when you dig deep during upcoming MEGA #OhmHours

Claudia Richter
April 5, 2018
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We’ve been listening to the feedback from our community and are happy to introduce a brand-spankin’ new type of #OhmHour that allows you to earn greater rewards for greater effort when the grid needs it most!

As of this month, some of the #OhmHours you receive may be called ‘Mega #OhmHours.’ Each Mega #OhmHour is worth significant additional rewards you won't want to miss.

What's a Mega #OhmHour?

Mega #OhmHours are super valuable, extra important #OhmHours where we need as many users as possible to reduce as much as possible - preferably by shutting off circuit breakers. 

Users with deep reductions qualify for mega awards - such as a $5000 pay out or streak shield cards.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • All Mega #OhmHours will be clearly indicated in advanced notifications and on your dashboard
  • Notifications will describes how much energy you will need to reduce to qualify and what the bonus will be... these will vary, recent ones have included being entered to win $5000, earning a streak shield card, Target gift cards, and more
  • Mega #OhmHours are most likely to occur on weekday early evenings, as this is when the grid gets stressed the most
  • Times will vary by area, but are most likely to occur once or twice a month during the late spring and summer

How can I maximize my earnings during a Mega #OhmHour?

  • Pay close attention to your #OhmHour notifications so you don't miss any Mega #OhmHours
  • Your maximum impact will come from shutting off your circuit breaker, which we recommend doing if you are at home pre and post Mega #OhmHour
  • Learn more about hidden energy zappers in your home and use smart plugs to make sure they are off during #OhmHours when you can't turn off your circuit breaker
  • Make sure you understand your forecast so you can apply the right strategies
  • Head out during your #OhmHour or plan activities for your family to avoid accidental energy use
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To note: With big rewards, come higher risk! Keep in mind that while you can earn big with Mega #OhmHours, you will also incur a higher penalty level as your usage increases farther above your forecast. We will tell you the exact reward details of each Mega #OhmHour before the event, and you can opt out if you need to.

Claudia Richter

Claudia is the Head of Product Management at OhmConnect

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