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How does it work?

clean energy portrayed as solar and wind power for the smart power program

With renewable energy growing fast, your power grid now has extra clean energy available several times every hour. It’s now possible to use that energy instead of relying on fossil fuels. Automatically.

OhmConnect is using new, innovative technology to detect when your local energy is clean, and automatically adjust your thermostat to run during these cleaner times and avoid the dirtier times. And it costs you nothing!

Don’t worry about staying comfortable in your home during those adjustments since they are only small degree tweaks, for minutes at a time, based on the temperature set by you. You’re in charge.

Ready to start using cleaner energy? Here’s how:

woman holding a cell phone signing up to the Smart Power program
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This program is an exclusive pilot for Chicago area, electric service ComEd customers. If this applies to you, you are eligible to join the Smart Power program and create an OhmConnect account here.
GLAS thermostat used for the Smart Power program
Connect your thermostat
Connect your smart thermostat to your OhmConnect account.

Don't have one? As participant of the pilot program, you can get one for free (valued at $249) after signing up. You'll pay half of the amount up front, and get it back once you connect your device to the account.
a potted seedling representing clean, environmentally friends energy usage impact
Use cleaner energy. Effortlessly.
Your thermostat automatically does the work to select clean energy, and you can get updates about your progress monthly.

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