47 Money Saving Tips & Ideas

Want to go on holiday this summer but don't have the funds? Check out these tips for how to put some jangle in your pocket, stat.

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Jef van de Graaf
May 14, 2018

Did you know, the average inflation rate throughout the world is around 3% per year?This means, if you keep your $10,000 stashed beneath your mattress it's going to be worthless by the year 2150. Let’s do the math: 3% on $1000 over 133 years with something carried over gives us this:

  • Reduced Amount: $196.18
  • Required Amount: $509,742.55

Unbelievable! Your $10 000 would only be worth $196.18 and you know that money won’t grow into $509,742.55 with you sleeping on it.

But hey, I’m not here to lecture you about money management (in fact, I don’t think I’m qualified to do so). Instead, I’m gonna share a bunch of money saving tips and ideas that could make you a whole lot richer. Let’s get started. [Note: If you want to calculate how the rate of inflation is making your mattress money worth nothing, use this handy online calculator.]

Money Saving Tips

Got Spare Change?

#1. Piggy Banks. Come on, this had to start the list. If you don’t have a cute, pink piggy to stuff your spare coins - where can you save your money?

#2. Sell Your Car. We’re living in a new age where rides can be ordered cheap (i.e. Uber or Lyft) and rent-a-bicycles can be found at every city street corner. You’ll save a ton of money when you stop paying for gas, insurance, and the inevitable breakdowns.

#3. Barter with Cash. Digital currency is scary because it sets a price and won’t let it change. If you carry cash and go to the market, you can continue to barter and beg for lower prices. Sometimes, all you have to do is show the money and ask.

#4. Music & Movie Subscriptions. Instead of paying $10 for a movie at the cinema, or the release of a new CD, consider joining subscriptions. You can get full access to a huge variety of movies and music you love for pretty much the same price. Here are a few suggestions (prices are per month):

#5. Netflix - $7.99 (Basic) | $9.99 (Standard) | $11.99 (Premium)

#6. Spotify - Free (Shuffle Only) | $9.99 (Full Access)

#7. Google Play Music - $9.99 (individual) | $14.99 (Family)

#8. Amazon Prime - $8.25

#9. Have Fun for Free. Everybody needs a social life but it doesn’t always have to cost money. Most communities and cities host events and often they’re free. You can find gatherings, music festivals, running groups, and more. Not sure where to find them? Try these:

#10. Meetup

#11. NextDoor

#12. Nearify

#13. Meet My Dog (Find other dog lovers to hang with!)

#14. Buy in Bulk. This may seem like common sense, but honestly, not a lot of people do it. Think of all the things that always have to be replaced: toothpaste, dish soap, toilet paper and more. Buying these in bulk and storing the excess in a secret cabinet does save money, guaranteed.

#15. Eat In. Eating out is far more expensive than eating in. If the average meal costs $10 per person, you can get some groceries and feed at least two for the same price. Best part is, you can feel more full by eating hearty foods (i.e. dense veggies) instead of instant energy stuff from fast food joints.

However, if you do plan to eat out, you can save money by only doing this for special occasions. You should also use coupons:

#16. Restaurant.com

#17. BeFrugal.com

#18. Groupon.com

#19. Stick To Your Lists. Feeling hungry? If you go to the grocery store following your stomach, you’re going to buy more than you need and budgeted for. To truly save your money, make a list with your shopping needs and ALWAYS stick to it.

#20. Apply for Cash Back Credit Cards. Spending a buck here and a buck over there, it all adds up. If you tend to spend with a credit card, consider signing up for one that gives back. Every card is different however they all offer some kind of reward in the form of coupons, cashback, or discounts. Here’s a few to consider:

#21. Discover Card - Earn 5% Cashback

#22. Bank of America - Gas & Grocery Rewards

#23. Capital One QuickSilver Card - Up to 1.5% cashback on everything

#24. Stay In & Hang Out. Tip #9 gives you great ideas to go out for free, but you can save more money by inviting friends over for a night in. Host a movie night. Play cards. Or, start a fire in the backyard (if you have a firepit, of course).

#25. Mend Old Clothing. Vintage is hot right now so don’t start throwing away your old clothes. If you have a sewing kit, you can save money by stitching some savvy looking patches over old garments and making them like new. Alternatively, you can go at it and try to render your garments into something new entirely. No one will stop you (the fashion police retired years ago).

#26. Reorganize the House. You know there’s a lot of junk and clutter piled in the garage or hiding in closets. Go through your belongings and figure out what to keep or completely throw away. You may find items you thought you needed to buy or discover that secret $100 bill you had stashed between the pages of a Harry Potter book. Also, with all the junk you don’t need, you can sell it on sites like:

#27. Varagesale.com

#28. LetGo

#29. Facebook Pages (there are many dedicated garage sale pages in your area)

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#30. Drink (More) Water. This has to be both a money saving tip and a health improvement suggestion: drink more water. You can cut many costs by consuming more water and avoiding pops, juices, and alcoholic beverages. Less sugary drinks will reduce your waistline while allowing your wallet to bulge.

#31 - The Bank Switch. Take a look at your checking account and see if you’re charged a monthly fee. If so, it’s time to switch. Instead of paying money to the bank, you can open a High Interest Savings Account that adds money to your savings. The alternative would be to open a free online checking account, buts that’s kinda boring.

#32. Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers 1.60% Online Savings Account

#33. Synchrony Bank offers 1.55% High Yield Savings Account

#34. Capital One offers a Fee-Free Online Checking Account

#35. America First offers a Free Checking Account, too

#35. Turn Your Lights Off. Momma used to scream whenever the lights were kept on -- why? It was taking her hard earned money. The electricity bill is not some magically made number that gets taken from your account each month. You’re in control as to how much or how little this bill will be. Now, it gets better. Not only can you save money by turning off the lights, you can also earn money. It’s true.


This this money making app can give you up to $300 per year if you’re with the following companies:

  • Pacific Gas & Electric Company
  • San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Southern California, Edison
  • Toronto Hydro

You could easily ditch lights altogether and go with candles. Just don’t burn your house down if you do.

#36. Stop Smoking. Maybe this one isn’t for everyone, but for any smoker reading this, remember that you’re burning your bucks at every puff. Save your $10 per pack and put it towards this next tip.

#37. Start An Investment. Go get your mattress money because it's time to put it to use. There are plenty of smart and easy ways to invest your money so that it can earn you more. Here’s a whole bunch of ways to save money and make it grow:

#38. 401(k) Retirement Fund - If your company has a plan, you may be able to have your savings matched. That’s free money. You’ll have to commit to a

monthly deduction from your paycheck, but if you can budget your life correctly, you’ll have a big chunk of cash to enjoy the later years of your life.

#39. Certificates of Deposits - You can invest a chunk of your cash for a certain period of time (6 months to 5 years). You’ll receive a percentage based on your initial investment and receive it in full when when the term matures. One important note, if you withdraw your investment before it matures, you’ll have to pay a fee which will take away from your earnings.

(Here’s a list of CDs you can browse through: 

#40. BankRate 

#41. Bank of America  

#42. Finra 

#43. Contact your bank for rates and suggestions.

#44. Pay Off All Debts. Perhaps you’d be better off using your mattress money to pay off all debts and start from scratch. You’ll be able to save more money when you don’t have to pay monthly and annual fees for any debts you have. If you’re using a credit card, pay off the cards with the highest interest first.

#45. Buy Generic Brands. Is there really a difference between name brands and generic brands? This may be a debate for your taste buds but you can certainly save money by switching to generic brands. However, in some cases, your favorite name brands might be out to beat the competition. Take for example Campbell's soup. You can get a can of soup for $1.50 while generic brands try to trick you into their 3 for $5 deals.

#46. Bring Your Own Bag. Some time ago, you would be able to go to the grocery store and get free plastic bags. Those times have changed and so should you. Remember to bring a spare bag with your to the grocery store to save money at each trip Note: it may only be 5¢ per bag but don’t forget to do the the math: 5¢ at 163 bags per year over the course of 133 years would be TOO MUCH MONEY WASTED.

#47. Leftovers. For some reason, leftovers tend to get ignored in the fridge and eaten by the garbage can a few days later. You’re definitely wasting money, not saving money, when you don’t eat your leftovers. Try cooking more lasagna, soups, cabbage rolls, and pastas -- these make the best leftovers.

Looking for Money Making Methods?

It's absolutely impossible to save money if you ain’t got money. So, as my momma used to say: if you want it, get off your lazy donkey and get it. Here’s a few older posts with the internet’s top money making apps that you can put on your phone to earn a little extra dough:

By the way, that quote from my momma was in reference to me not stopping my video game to eat her fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. While I missed on tasting that sweet delicious dough -- I know you won’t make the same mistake I did with all the great ideas in this list. Happy savings!

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