MEGA Summer 2019 impact - This is what we have achieved

OhmConnect's MEGA Summer has had a great positive impact on the environment. Thanks everyone for participating and congrats to our MEGA Summer prize winner!

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Matt Duesterberg
October 14, 2019

What a summer! Last night, we wrapped OhmConnect’s MEGA Summer campaign. I’m floored by what we all did together. More than 150,000 OhmConnect community members participated in MEGA Summer 2019. 

Through all of your individual actions like installing smart plugs, unplugging electronics, and hosting family game nights during #OhmHours, we were able to reduce demand on the energy grid by more than 380 MWh  -- an amount equal to shutting down 6 dirty power plants or planting 1.5 million trees. During MEGAs, my family and I made an effort to get out of the house - out to dinner or for a walk. These little increments add up.

If you were to tell me three years ago that we would successfully turn off 6 power plants, I would have been a skeptic. In fact, many people told me it could never be done. But our community has proven that we can take back control of our electricity grid and our impact on this planet.

To celebrate everything we’ve done this summer, we’re excited to announce that Christina from Fresno, CA is our 2019 MEGA Summer Grand Prize winner. Congrats, Christina, you just got your energy bill paid for LIFE! 

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And the fun doesn’t stop here!

As most of you know, demand on the energy grid is highest in the summer months. During the cooler months, the energy grid is more stable and electricity prices are lower, so our program looks slightly different.

Here’s what you can expect in the off season:

  1. Prize giveaways will continue with our Power in Numbers program, with its own Grand Prize and bi-weekly prize drawings. Last year we introduced a new type of bonus #OhmHour called a Prize #OhmHour that we are bringing back for these cooler months. Prize #OhmHours don’t pay out points, but beating your goal does qualify you for a bi-weekly prize drawing. You can also qualify to win by getting a referral to Silver status or having a smart device power down during any #OhmHour. Learn more about Power in Numbers here.
  1. While the energy grid is generally more stable during the off season, we may send a MEGA #OhmHour to our community if the grid needs you. Based on seasonal patterns, this may happen about once per month. Note that while MEGA OhmHours will earn you points, unlike during MEGA Summer, beating your MEGA #OhmHour energy goal during the off season will not enter you to win a weekly prize.
  1. If you’d like to keep things simple, opt in to our MEGA-only program. Learn more about MEGA-only here. 

For the full scoop on what you can expect to see from OhmConnect during the Fall and Winter, click here. 

Thank you again for being a part of the OhmConnect community and for your participation in MEGA Summer. You made an incredible difference. 

Let’s do this together!

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MEGA Summer 2019 impact - This is what we have achieved

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