Google Nest
and OhmConnect

OhmConnect now works with Nest through Google Assistant. Link your Nest thermostat to your OhmConnect account to automatically go into Eco Temperatures during #OhmHours. By linking your device, you get to rake in those rewards without lifting a finger.

Take action to keep your Nest connected to OhmConnect

Google recently made some changes to their Nest connections with third party services, like OhmConnect. These changes are a part of Nest and Google Home joining together as Google Nest earlier this year. You'll need to migrate your Nest connection for your thermostat to continue participating in AutoOhms and #OhmHours.

Here’s what you need to do:

Why connect a smart thermostat to OhmConnect?

Some reasons why you might want to consider upgrading your outdated thermostat to a newer, smarter model:

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Nest learning thermostat positioned on a kitchen wall

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