Google Nest and OhmConnect

OhmConnect now works with Nest through Google Assistant. Link your Nest thermostat to your OhmConnect account to automatically go into Eco Temperatures during OhmHours. By linking your device, you get to rake in those rewards without lifting a finger.

Take action to keep your Nest connected to OhmConnect

Google recently made some changes to their Nest connections with third party services, like OhmConnect. These changes are a part of Nest and Google Home joining together as Google Nest earlier this year. You'll need to migrate your Nest connection for your thermostat to continue participating in AutoOhms and OhmHours.

Here’s what you need to do:

Why connect a smart thermostat to OhmConnect?

Nest learning thermostat positioned on a kitchen wall

Some reasons why you might want to consider upgrading your outdated thermostat to a newer, smarter model:

Nest learning thermostat positioned on a kitchen wall

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