Take the Fremont Green Challenge

The City of Fremont has partnered with OhmConnect so that community programs such as the Family Resource Center and Senior Center will benefit when you reduce your energy use. Every time you choose to power down unnecessary appliances & electronics after receiving an #OhmHour alert from OhmConnect, your selected cause will receive a donation! Plus, you will save $ on your utility bills and you’ll prevent dirty power plants from firing up.Together, let’s make smart energy choices that will benefit our community. Here in Fremont, we’re all in to win!

As simple as flipping a light switch.

1. Receive notification
Get notified when you’re using dirty and expensive energy.
2. Reduce
Reduce your electricity use for about 30 minutes.
3. Donate
Ohmconnect donates $50 - $150* per year on your behalf

Ohmconnect is free
and comes with these great features.

Analyze your home’s energy
See where your energy comes from
Track your performance and watch your earnings stack up. 
Connect your smart devices and electric vehicles to automate energy reductions.

Donate between $50 - $150 per year.

Depending on your total energy use, you could donate up to $150 per year.

You can choose to either cash out or donate your earnings to local non-profits and charitable causes. 

Donating to your favorite charity just became as easy as flipping a light switch!

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Use your smart home to optimize your energy.

If you have smart devices and electric vehicles, you can also automate Ohmconnect. Reduce your energy at the right time without lifting a finger.

No fancy devices? No problem, you can still respond to the alerts by manually turning things off in your home.

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How we generate your donations

During an #OhmHour, the electricity grid needs power. The grid can either turn on a dirty and expensive power plant or we can reduce our electricity usage. By turning off unused lights, appliances and unplugging batteries, we prevent a power plant from turning on.

The people who operate the grid would rather pay us to turn down instead of paying a dirty power plant to turn on. It's cheaper and produces less pollution.

OhmConnect manages your reductions with the grid operators in California to donate the proceeds. 

American Energy Data Challenge Winner
“Pretty much anyone in California can make money by lowering their energy consumption.”
“The community gets a reward: hard cash.”
“You know what’s better than helping the environment? Getting paid for it.”

Join the movement

1. Ohmconnect is completely free to use. 
2. Your utility service remains the same.
3. You can opt-out at any time. 

With enough people reducing energy at once we can take entire power plants out of the equation.

Find a friend, join your neighbors and take charge of your energy together.

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