OhmConnect: Program Details

OhmConnect members are rewarded with points (called Watts) to spend in the OhmConnect Rewards Marketplace when they utilize smart device automation to reduce their energy consumption during energy-saving events called OhmHours and AutoOhms. Let’s take a peek underneath the hood to see how this is all possible.

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How to get rewarded with device automation

OhmConnect members are called on to reduce their energy through the use of device automation. By linking devices like smart plugs and smart thermostats to your OhmConnect account, we'll help you save energy by temporarily powering them down when electricity is most expensiveIf your linked smart device is successfully automated during an energy-saving event, OhmConnect will reward you with Watts. Watts can be spent in the OhmConnect Rewards Marketplace.

Ideal Smart Plug/Smart Thermostat state before event

Yes, you should leave your smart plugs ON all the time. We know it sounds counterintuitive, but they use very little power and it is how we are able to automatically turn your appliance off and on in order to earn Watts for your connected smart device. When you set up your smart plug, turn it on and leave it on. Set it and forget it. You shouldn’t have to touch them to participate in an energy-saving event.

For a smart thermostat to earn Watts, it needs to be ON before the event, and CANNOT be in an ”eco mode.” You should not manually turn your smart thermostat to eco mode prior to an event or it will not count. OhmConnect must toggle the smart thermostat into and out of eco mode for you to receive credit for the event.

Earning Watts

When you’ve allowed OhmConnect to successfully automate your linked devices, you can earn Watts. Smart plugs will earn 40 Watts per hour and smart thermostats will earn 320 Watts per hour. These will account for your total Watts earned for a particular event. Here is a full breakdown:

The OhmConnect Rewards Marketplace

The OhmConnect Rewards Marketplace is where you redeem your Watts for prize entries, Wheel spins and charitable donations. Any cash rewards you earn for referring users in eligible territories can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or redeemed for a gift card to a number of popular retailers.