How it works

OhmConnect members get paid a flat amount every month for saving energy automatically with smart devices. Let’s take a peek underneath the hood to see how this is all possible.

How to Get Paid Every Month

The first step to getting paid every month is to link your electric utility account to OhmConnect. This allows us to measure the energy you save. Next, link at least one smart device to your OhmConnect account. The more smart devices you connect and use, the more energy you’ll save. Payouts start at $1 and go all the way up to $7.

*Devices must participate in energy-saving events and not opt-out more than twice each 30 day cycle.

We recommend that you link a smart thermostat if you have one. That helps you save the most money on your monthly electric bill, and we’ll pay you $5 every month simply for using your smart thermostat to save energy.

How to Save Energy

Once you have your smart devices linked to OhmConnect, they will automatically participate in energy-saving events. There are two types of energy-saving events. OhmHours are typically one hour long (although they can last as long as four hours during special events) and you typically are notified one day before. AutoOhms are shorter - often just 15 minutes long - and you will receive less advance notice.

You will have several energy-saving events throughout each month, usually between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m on weekdays. During an event, your smart devices linked to OhmConnect will automatically power down to save energy (and you may not even notice). At the end of the event, the smart devices will automatically power back up, returning whatever is plugged into it to its pre-event state. If an appliance was “on” at the start of the event, it will turn back “on;” if the appliance was off already, it will stay off.

How to Opt Out of Energy-Saving Events

How to opt out of energy-saving events?We understand that there will be occasions when you want to skip an energy-saving event (like if you’re having guests over for dinner). That’s why you can opt out of any two energy-saving events month and still receive your monthly payment. If you do nothing and your smart devices are turned on, they will participate and you will get paid. (Note that your smart thermostat must not be in an “eco-mode” prior to the event. We must toggle it to eco-mode for it to count.) If you want to opt out of an event, go into your OhmConnect account and press the opt-out icon. You get two opt-outs each month. When you opt out of one event, you’ll have one opt-out left. If you opt out of the next event, you will have no opt-outs left for that month. If a third event happens and you don’t participate (for example, if you unplug a smart device), you won’t receive a  payment for the month because more than two opt-outs have been used. Don’t worry - you’ll have a chance to start again when the full 30 days of the cycle has elapsed. Even if you’ve opted-out of more than two events, you can still participate in OhmHours and AutoOhms and earn points for saving energy, which we call Watts. If you choose not to participate in events, you will not earn any Watts. If you don’t opt out, you will earn Watts for the energy you save during the event below your average energy use for that time (typically a 10-day average of similar hours).

Ideal Smart Plug/Smart Thermostat State Before Event

Yes, you should leave your smart plugs ON all the time. We know it sounds counterintuitive, but they use very little power and it is how we are able to automatically turn your appliance off and on in order to qualify for the payment. When you set up your smart plug, turn it on and leave it on. Set it and forget it. You shouldn’t have to touch smart plugs to participate in an energy-saving event.

For a smart thermostat to qualify for the payment, it needs to be ON before the event, and CANNOT be in an “eco mode.” You should not manually turn your smart thermostat to eco mode prior to an event or it will not count towards your payment eligibility. OhmConnect must toggle the smart thermostat into and out of eco mode for you to receive credit for the event.

Why Was an Opt-Out Subtracted When I Didn't Choose to Use it?

If you didn’t receive credit for participating in an event, but you didn’t manually opt out of the event, it is usually due to one of three issues:

If you think it’s none of these issues, please reach out to our Help team.

Getting Paid

Once you have received your monthly payment, you can cash out via your PayPal as long as you have a total of at least $10. If you don’t have PayPal already, we suggest that you sign up, as it is secure and the only way to receive your payment from OhmConnect in cash. Cashing out via PayPal is limited to one time per week.

Earning Watts

Watts are the additional points we reward you with for your overall energy savings during events. They reflect the energy saved by the smart devices connected to OhmConnect, as well as any extra energy you save around the house by changing your electricity usage behavior. You can earn Watts by avoiding energy-intensive chores like running the dishwasher or drying your clothes. Your Watts can be redeemed in the OhmConnect Rewards Marketplace to spin the guaranteed prize wheel or to enter prize drawings.