Our team

"I have been lucky to be in situations with many highly skilled individuals, but this team humbles me by its balance of intellectual curiosity and selflessness. The alignment between our team's mission and each of our team's personal mission is refreshing."

Matt Duesterberg, CEO

What are our values?

Positive Impact
Every day, we are faced with dozens of decisions. We elect to choose the decision with a positive impact.
Champions of the Customer
We are working with regulators and utilities to pay for every action that you take. We want you to have the ability to earn every dollar of value that you create.
Adventurous Mind
We love to learn. We adhere to the scientific method of hypothesis, test, and analyze to drive the best decision forward, based on data.
Continuous Contribution
Everyone helps out. Regardless of role, we are all on this ship together and will all jump in when there is task needed to be done.
Radical Candor
Direct feedback, all the time. We have open communication and discussions about each other’s work, where the company is going, and our mission / vision / values of the company.

Our commute

OhmConnect's culture is shaped by our two offices that each of us spend time at weekly. Two days a week are spent in our San Francisco office, and two days a week are spent in our Campbell office. Our team all shares the Caltrain commute. This odd situation exemplifies two core values: continuous contribution and choose positive impact.

We choose two offices so that no single person has a bad commute all five days. We all contribute to easing that commute, allowing for people to live in San Francisco, San Jose, and throughout the peninsula, while only having a bad commute two days a week. By virtue of our offices residing on primary public transportation hubs (Caltrain in SF and VTA in Campbell), none of us drive on a regular basis, lowering our carbon footprint.

We know this commute is unique and presents its own set of challenges to our team, so we offer a travel stipend that covers the costs associated with the commute.


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