Small changes add up to
a big difference

Just like the sharing economy has unlocked hidden value to drivers and homeowners across the US, the same is now happening to your home's energy.

When some homes on the grid use more energy than is expected, actions as small as flipping off a light switch or raising your thermostat at the right moment can prevent the dirtiest power plants on the grid from turning on. This is energy sharing.

Today, hundreds of thousands of homes share energy using OhmConnect. It's a simple, impactful, and rewarding way to make a difference. To continue growing our impact, we are thrilled to announce that OhmConnect has raised an additional $8.5M in Series B funding.
What does this mean for our community? It means the experience will improve, we will explore new ways of providing more value when you share energy, and we will expand across the rest of the United States, starting with New York, Chicago, and Texas. 

I want to share energy

What's our impact so far?

100 MW
supplied to the grid
10 million
LED lamps turned off
4 power plants
cars off the road
That’s only with 300,000 people sharing energy so far.

There are a total 126 million residences in the US. 
This means that if everyone participated in #OhmHour energy sharing events, our community would be able to produce 42 Gigawatts of power from simple savings.

How much has our community been paid for sharing energy?


paid to our community

Save energy and build your 
'unplugged' habit

Flip off the
Adjust the
Power down and take a break
Turn off the TV and dust off that book
game night!
Candlelit Dinner
Most members share energy just one hour per week and use #OhmHours as an excuse to build good habits our modern 'always on' way of life makes difficult. 

Community members with smart and connected homes automate their participation. Smart thermostats, smart plugs, electric cars all respond automatically to #OhmHours, making participation even easier than flipping a switch.
I want to share energy

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