How to Make Money Online Quickly, Creatively, and Crazily!

34 of the best money making apps that can quickly and creatively put some extra cash in your pockets.

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Jef van de Graaf
April 9, 2018

Hold up! Before you start reading about these apps that pay and geta bunch of awesome ideas about how to make money online, there needs to be a disclaimer. So...

Disclaimer: This article will not teach you how to actually make (like, print) money. Come on, folks -- that’s fraud.

Instead, here you’ll find some of the best money making apps that can quickly and creatively put some extra cash in your pockets.

How to Make Money Online According to OhmConnect

#1 - Sell Your Skills

Hey you. Yes you! I bet you spend way too much time on a smartphone, watching Youtube, or just sitting around doing absolutely nothing. Well, it’s time you stop netflix and chillin’ and try network and sellin’. But, sell what, you ask?

Sell yourself. (No, not like that.)

Instead, you can sell some very basic skills, online, right now.  

Think about this. If you can put together a resume, design a pretty poster, rhyme some words and make them flow, or listen to your favorite tunes while putting boring data into a spreadsheet, you can be a freelancer!

There are thousands of freelance jobs available at this very moment and you can start earning money anytime you want it. Here’s a few of the top Freelancing platforms and apps find ways to make money by selling your skills:

How to Make Money Freelancing? Choose one platform and dedicate your time and talent creating relationships and offering your skills. When you have discovered ways to make money, try bringing it to a different platform.

#2 Drive a Car

You know know those loyal yellow cars buzzing around every hour of every day? I bet you’ve never given them a second thought. You just jump in, let the driver know your destination, then sit back until you arrive and pay your fare.

Well, thanks to these money making apps, it's now your turn to become a taxi driver and earn an extra income.

Here are a couple of the most popular apps that pay you to drive your car:

Get Paid to Drive:

  1. Uber - iOS | Android | Web
  2. Lyft - iOS | Android | Web

#3 Fix Cars

Let’s keep this short, since not everyone has car mechanical skills. If you happen to have the talent to fix up cars, there’s a money making app that turns you into a mechanic-on-demand. Check it out: iOS | Android | Web

#4 Turn Off Your Lights

This list was getting far too technical. Let’s now look at one of the easiest ways to make money: turning off your lights.

Seriously. If you use this platform, you can earn up to $300 per year just by using less electricity in your home.

For this service to pay you, there’s a few things required from you:

  1. Signup for an account at OhmConnect
  2. Sync your new account with your online utilities*
  3. Now, you can turn off the lights and earn some money.

*Note: You must be a customer of Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, or Southern California, Edison or Toronto Hydro to use this platform.

#5 Not Another Car App

Yup, there’s still more ways to make money with your car. Here they are:

Get Paid to Put Ads on Your Car. 

These apps literally let you sell out the exterior of your vehicle to become a mobile ad throughout your city.

Rent Your Car. 

If you ever have a day off and you aren’t going anywhere, you can using the following apps to rent out your car, (some have earned up to $10,000 per year whenever there car was normally parked and doing nothing).

RV Share. 

Similar to the app above, if you have an RV sitting in your driveway, you can let another family rent it out for a weekend. Apparently, a 2010 popup in Beverly Hills CA could earn $1400 on a 2 week rental!  

Test Dummy. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for test driving cars? Don’t worry, you won’t have to be the dummy that crashes into walls. Instead, you can pose as a mystery shopper, go to a dealer, listen to a sales pitch, and take a car for a spin!

Food Delivery Driver. 

People are always eating. If you want to earn some extra cash, put these money making apps on your phone and deliver delicious meals in your spare time.

Delivery Driver. 

Another easy money making idea if you have an hour or two to spare each day, is to become a delivery driver. Try it:

#6 Become a Bed & Breakfast

If you’re going away from home for a vacation, have a spare bedroom, or need a house sitter for an extended period of time, consider this. You can set up your home as a bed and breakfast, hotel, or spare bedroom for travellers to stay.

There are many apps that pay you to invite strangers into your home. Not everyone is comfortable with this idea. However, one thing to remember is that you set the rules, conditions, and agree to the people who will be staying in your home. So, if you want to earn money while you’re away on a trip or craving some extra company, try these apps:

#7 “I’m Telling On You!”

When you were a kid, did you ever tell on your siblings when they did something wrong? Well, if that was you, here’s a great way to make money.

There’s a few opportunities online that allows you to represent a company and audit places where they sell alcohol and tobacco.

You’ll have to sign up for an account and search for these jobs, however, this app also offers other ways to make money as a mystery shopper. The gig is simple, you pretend to be a shopper and you report to the hiring manager how it went. Easy. Money.

#8 Make Money Going Through The Garbage

Uhm … wanna go through garbage?

Here’s a personal story:  I was cleaning out an old room and found $200 worth of Russian Rubles when I tossed a box in a dumpster. You might not be as lucky, however you can pillage the garbage in your community and repair old items, sell them and recycle profitable items people thoughtlessly throw away.

Note: This may be illegal in some places, so, know your local laws.

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