38 Of The Best Budgeting Apps to Save Money On Your Bills

It’s time to kill bills and save more of your monthly income. Here are the best budgeting apps you can download onto your phone to start saving money on your bills.

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Jef van de Graaf
April 16, 2018

There’s a monthly murderer that continually kills your bank accounts and it goes by the name of ‘bills’.  

There’s phone bills. Cable bills. Heating bills. Medical bills. Water bills. Electric bills. And, that telemarketer that keeps calling and asking for your money, his name is Bill, too.

It’s time to kill bills and save more of your monthly income. Here are the best budgeting apps you can download onto your phone to start saving money on your bills. 

!! Wait. Wait. Wait. !!

Before you begin, remember to read until the very end so you can download a budgeting app that not only saves your money but also pays you money.

General Budgeting Apps to Save Money

If you don’t want to be murdered by bills, you gotta learn some ‘defensive’ techniques that’ll keep your money alive. Think of budgeting as a habit that, instead of spending your money, focused on building up your money.

These general budgeting apps will help you develop the skills you need to track your monthly bills and teach you how to manage your money:

#1. Good Budget - iOS | Android | Web

Good budget uses an “envelope budgeting system” which allows you to sync all your accounts and place them into digital envelopes to track your spending. Much like using a real envelope with cash stuffed inside, whenever your envelopes reach $0, you stop spending.

#2. Empower - iOS | Android | Web

Let’s face it, we’re all a little forgetful sometimes. However, this is a budgeting app literally empowers you to become better with your money and putting it aside. Empower helps you save money by providing reminders for:

  • Potential fraudulent transactions
  • Sending alerts when bills are due
  • Urgent notifications when your bill go up in price
  • Providing reminders to save cash at the best possible times

You have to sync your accounts with the app but they assure that their security protocols are of the highest degree.

#3. You Need A Budget - iOS | Android | Web

This apps likes you to be stress free when it comes to creating new budgeting habits, saving money, and reducing your bills. Seriously, just read their 4th rule from the website, it goes like this:

Spend the money of today using the savings earned a month ago.

You Need A Budget turns the madness of money management into a simple mantra of simple money methods.

Want more budgeting apps?

#4. Mint Budgeting App - iOS | Android | Web

#5. Wally - iOS | Android | Web

#6. Spendee - iOS | Android | Web

#7. HomeBudget - iOS | Android | Web

#8. Mvelopes - iOS | Android | Web

#9. PocketGuard Budget App - iOS | Android | Web

#10. BUDGT - iOS only | Web

#11. Honeyfi Budget App for Couples - iOS | Android | Web

#12. Credit Karma - iOS | Android | Web

#13. Albert - iOS only | Web

Budgeting App Tip: Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the budgeting app choices, download 2 or 3 on your smartphone and choose the app that works best for you!

Budgeting Apps for Phone Bills

Perhaps the last thing to do is download even more apps onto your phone if you’re trying to save money on this bill. Oh well, let’s do it anyway because it's possible that one of the ideas in this list can eliminate your phone bills completely!

Free Calling Apps

If you have a smartphone, you can make free voice and video calls to anyone who also has these apps:

#14. WhatsApp - iOS | Android | Web

#15. Skype - iOS | Android | Web

#16. Line - iOS | Android | Web

#17. Facebook Messenger - iOS | Android | Web

#18. Zoom - iOS | Android | Web

#19. Telegram - iOS | Android | Web

#20. Google Hangouts - iOS | Android | Web

#21. Slack - iOS | Android | Web

PERSONAL PHONE BILL HACK: So, I’m going to teach you a little phone hack that’ll let you call anyone in your country for free. If you have a Gmail account, you can add Google Hangouts to your inbox and call any phone line without ever paying a cent. This may only work on your PC. You see, while traveling SE Asia for the past 4 years I haven’t had a cell phone and I have depended solely on my computer to stay connected with friends, family, and business associates. Try it yourself and put your phone bill to the grave!

Budgeting Apps for Cable Bills

Cable bills? Do these actually still exist?

If you’re tired of paying for this outdated and ancient money thief, you’ll be delighted to learn about these money saving apps. By the way, not only will these apps save your money, they will also save your time.

Free Video & TV Apps

#22. YouTube - iOS | Android | Web

You should already know this one. YouTube is jammed pack with infinite hours of internetainment that you won’t ever have to turn on a TV again (unless you are streaming YouTube videos from your phone to your TV).

#23. Vimeo - iOS | Android | Web

If you like indie films found in international film festivals, aspiring musicians sharing funky music videos, or digital artists leading the future in video animation, download Vimeo. Vimeo offers high-quality video content that has both free and paid subscriptions.

Affordable Video & TV Streaming Apps

These are for those who like to watch their shows but want to remove the time of wasteful ads while saving some money.

#24. Netflix - iOS | Android | Web

Netflix is one of the hottest and more in demand video streaming platform available. You can save money with this app by feasting your entertainment needs for just $10.99 a month.

#25. Amazon Prime Video - iOS | Android | Web

If you want reruns of your favorite films of the past while exploring up and coming popular videos and TV shows, Amazon Prime Video for you. This money saving app has every you need to watch on demand.

Goodbye cable. Hello streaming.

#26. HBO Now - iOS | Android | Web

#27. KODI - Android | Web

#28. Cartoon Network App - iOS | Android | Web

#29. NBC App for Live TV & Full Episodes - iOS | Android | Web

#30. ABC for Live TV & Full Episodes - iOS | Android | Web

!! REMINDER !! Don’t forget about the money making app at the end of this list.

Budgeting Apps for Heating Bills

Heating bills almost always destroy your bank accounts in the winter. So, the only way to freeze them is by turning up the control over your heating systems. Here’s some apps that save you money on your heating bill:

#31. Nest - iOS | Android | Web

You want to keep your house hot in the winter and cold in the summer. However, running your central air system or air conditioners is going to get very expensive very quickly. With Nest, you can control your house’s heating system in an app. Gain full control over the temperature when you’re at home or away for the day. Turn up the heat 20 to 30 minutes before returning home and you’ll be welcomed to a comfy, cozy nest. [Note: having this kind of control with an app really saves your money!]

Alternative Money-Saving Thermostat Apps

#32. EEPC Heater & Control - iOS | Android | Web#33. Honeywell Thermostat App - iOS | Android | Web

#34. Ecobee3 - iOS | Android | Web

Budgeting Apps for Medical Bills

Believe it or not but there actually some money saving apps made for your medical bills. Check them out:

#35. Simplee - iOS | Web

When you have to go to a doctor because you’re feeling sick or suddenly got hurt, you may be hesitant to go because of the unwanted fees involved. With Simplee, you are able to determine your medical bills in advance while syncing your insurance policy to see how much is covered and how much you owe.

Having the ability to visualize, document, and track your medical expenses provides a bright budgeting future for your personal savings.

#36. MedBill IQ - Android | Web

How do you know if your medical bills are fair or filled with unexpected additional charges? With MedBill IQ, you can upload your medical bills and get lowered prices by preventing overbilling.

Budgeting Apps for Water Bills

#37. Fluid Water Meter - iOS | Android (Coming Soon) | Web

Did you know that toilets account for almost 26% of the water usage in your home? Now, you’re probably not going to stop flushing to save some money because that would be simply disgusting.

Instead, Fluid’s Kickstarter campaign successfully raised $116 381 in 2015 to provide you with smart fluid meter to control your water use and save money. This has to be the best money saving app that’s going to drown your water bill completely and keep your bank accounts buoyant.

Budgeting Apps for Electric Bills

Hello? Are you still reading this?

Well, if you are, you just discovered a 2-in-1 app (unlike all the others on this list) that not only saves your money but also pays you money.

Yes, this too-good-to-be-true-but-gotta-get-it-on-my-phone-right-now app literally saves money and gives away money just by turning off the lights in your home. It's time to read it and believe it:

#38. OhmConnect

If you have an online utility bill with any of the following companies…

  1. Pacific Gas & Electric Company
  2. San Diego Gas & Electric
  3. Southern California, Edison, Toronto Hydro

...you qualify to earn up to $300 per year.

It's quite simple. All you have to do is make a commitment to reduce your energy usage by one hour per week during timeframes called #OhmHours.

You can do this in so many ways, but, let’s give you a few examples:

  • Never using any lights during the OhmHour
  • Turn off the TV (and use the money budgeting apps for your phone above)
  • Unplug all your appliances
  • Use smart plugs, which automatically shut off when the #OhmHour starts

You’ll receive payments by reducing your electricity usage which ultimate defeats the money murdering plot of your electricity bill. Sign up with a free account with OhmConnect then start saving money and earning money with the app!

From Budgeting Apps to Money Making Apps

In regards to that telemarketer named Bill -- more research is required to take him out once and for all.

In the meantime, you could stop picking up your telephone and start earning money from these apps.

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