Stop Wasting Your
Energy Savings

February 16th
Curtis Tongue

For the past two years, your school has been entitled to receive payments for your community's energy savings. California residents have had a program available in which state energy authorities pay to have people save energy when California is at risk of turning on the worst polluting power plants. OhmConnect turns the payments for these energy savings into donations for your school.

Customers of California’s major energy providers are eligible to participate, but most providers have obscured the program since it encourages energy savings and reduces the number of power plants in operation.

If a California resident saves energy at times when one of these environmentally damaging power generators is at risk of turning on, they are entitled to receive a payment from the state energy authority. California is incentivized to redirect payments from generators to residents because it reduces the state’s environmental impact and directly benefits residents with energy payments.

“It’s time to eliminate our worst polluting power and pay residents what they deserve.”

To achieve this goal, companies like OhmConnect have introduced a simple service that turns these payments into school donations and also helps eliminate a community's reliance on energy from unsustainable sources.

To participate in the program, parents receive a text message once per week about 15 minutes before these dirty power plants turn on. They simply need to hold off on doing any high energy activities, like laundry or the dishes, and reduce energy if possible. OhmConnect coordinates with other users in your neighborhood to ensure enough people reduce energy use to prevent that power plant from turning on.

Energy savings are measured through the home's smart meters your utility provider has already installed and OhmConnect sends your school. To get started, sign up for OhmConnect here and connect your utility account.

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