Electricity Rates in Riverside County

Expected Increase in Summer Electricity Bill

Map of California highlighting Riverside County electricity users.

Riverside County residential electricity users consume approximately 8.8 billion kWh of electricity annually, according to the California Energy Commission. That is the 2nd highest among California’s 58 counties.

If you live in Riverside, Moreno Valley, Corona, or somewhere else in Riverside County, read on to learn more about how your electricity costs are changing.

Riverside County couple looks frustrated by the cost of their electric bill.

How much electricity does the average household in Riverside County use?

There were 736,413 households in Riverside County as of 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  If you divide the total residential electricity used annually by the number of households in Riverside County, the average annual household electricity usage is 12,008 kWh.

The average monthly household electricity consumption in Riverside County is 1,001 kWh, which you get by dividing the annual usage per household by 12. Riverside County ranks 9th in per household monthly electricity usage among California counties.

The average household in the United States uses 877 kWh of electricity per month, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Riverside County households use 123 kWh/month more electricity than the average U.S. household, according to our calculations, or 13% more electricity than the national average.

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What are the electric rates for Riverside County?

The investor-owned electric utility that serves Riverside County is SCE. For 2021, SCE reported an average tiered residential retail electricity rate of $0.23/kWh, excluding low-income customers on discounted rates. For 2022, SCE lists an average tiered residential electricity rate of $0.28/kWh.

Electric bills for residential customers of SCE are influenced by a number of different factors, including the higher cost of exceeding your monthly baseline allotment (if you have one), and when you use energy if you’re on a Time of Use rate where you pay a higher rate for for “on-peak” usage, typically from 4-9PM, and a lower rate for “off-peak” usage.

If you are on the California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) program, you receive a discount of up to 35% on your monthly electric bill, which isn’t considered in this calculation. If you are a customer of a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program that is responsible for generation of your electricity, your cost/kWh will differ from the rates provided by SCE.

Your actual electric bill could be much higher or lower based on these factors.

How much is the average monthly electric bill in Riverside County?

If we just use the published rates for SCE and multiply by the average monthly electricity usage per household, the average Riverside County household’s monthly electric bill in 2021 was approximately $235.

Using SCE’s new rates for 2022, the average Riverside County household’s monthly electric bill during 2022 will increase by $46 to $280.

By this calculation, this year Riverside County has the 20th highest household monthly electricity bill increase in dollars among California counties. Households pay about $48 more on their monthly electric bill than the average for California in 2022.

The average monthly electric bill in the U.S. is $115, the U.S. EIA reports. Using the average monthly bill of $152 per month, Riverside County households pay $165 more than the national average for electricity each month, which is 83% higher than the national household average.

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 Chart showing Riverside County electricity is expected to cost $1,748 in 2022 compared to $1,464 in 2021.
Chart showing Alameda County electricity is expected to cost $930 in 2022 compared to $716 in 2021

How much are summer electric bills in Riverside County?

Riverside County is more inland than coastal California. Inland counties typically use 156% more electricity during a summer month (June-September) than during an average month for the year, according to our calculations.

If you factor that in, Riverside County households use an average of 1,561 kWh of electricity during a typical summer month. That means the average monthly SCE electric bill in Riverside County for summer 2021 would be about $366.

Summer electric bills can be influenced by how hot the weather is, which we don’t know yet for 2022. Assuming the same average consumption as last year, the average monthly SCE household electric bill in Riverside County for summer 2022 will be $437.

If that holds true, the average household in Riverside County would pay $71 more per month for electricity this summer than in 2021.

That can really add up. The average electricity usage for the four-month summer season in Riverside County (June - September) is 6,244 kWh per household.

If you use the assumptions above, the average summer seasonal electric bill for Riverside County households would be $1,464 in 2021. For 2022, the average summer electric bill for Riverside County households could reach $1,748.

That would mean you could pay $285 more for your electricity this summer in Riverside County than last year.

How much more will I pay with Time of Use rates?

Chart shows lower electricity costs in the morning and midday when there is solar production, with electricity rates spiking between 4-9PM

This summer will be the first time that many households in California who receive a SCE bill are on a Time of Use (TOU) plan.

Under a TOU plan, you are charged different amounts per kWh based on when you use energy, not just on how much total energy you use. Electricity used 4-9PM on weekdays typically is considered “on-peak,” while energy used outside that five-hour period or on weekends is considered “off-peak.”

 Chart shows lower electricity costs in the morning and midday when there is solar production, with electricity rates spiking between 4-9PM.

For SCE, the on-peak summer rate under the typical TOU plan is $0.52/kWh, and the off-peak summer rate is $0.33. Based on analysis of our internal data, we estimate that the average household in California uses roughly 33% of their monthly energy during on-peak times, and 66% during off-peak.

Using these numbers, we calculated what you can expect to pay this summer with TOU pricing.

The monthly TOU-adjusted electric bill for Riverside County households in 2022 is $608. That is $242 more per month than the same household with the same electricity usage would have paid in the summer 2021 on a tiered rate plan.

Over the course of the four months of summer, an Riverside County household can expect to pay $2,432 for electricity, which is about $968 more than you would have paid in summer 2021.

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