Save energy.
Save money.

Save money automatically with your OhmPlug by reducing your energy usage by 10% or more and get rewarded for doing so.*

Cashing in on Electricity

Here's how it works:


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How Is It Possible?

Electric companies pay us to reduce consumption during peak hours. We automatically turn off the smart plugs for members who have opted in, selling their collective unused electricity back to the grid. We then distribute the rewards to the members who participated.

Hundreds of thousands of customers already use this free service to get paid.

Cody P.

“It’s a free program that pays you to save money. What else is there out there like that? We have smart plugs in a number of outlets throughout the house. That way we can control pretty much all of our electronics and appliances from our phone.”

Maria H.

“We joined OhmConnect because it was something we could do to cut down our energy bills. The easiest part for us really is the smartplugs. We’ve got plugs on our fridge, our chest freezer, our fish tank filter – anything that’s draining energy.”

Gautam M.

“So many programs tell you to do X, Y and Z, but I love that OhmConnect actually explains why it’s important to do your laundry at a certain time and they actually reward you for making the change. If you do something good, you get a treat!”

OhmConnect has been featured in national media for its innovative approach to safeguarding the energy grid.

*Based on the average OhmConnect member who joined in 2021, and their electricity usage May-September 2021 versus the same time period the prior year.