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What you get

When you subscribe monthly to Zero, you'll receive a monthly round-up report via email highlighting which projects you helped finance and the CO2 you helped offset. We use your monthly fee to finance projects across the US to eliminate your carbon footprint through two methods.

Capture and destroy greenhouse gases...

...that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere. An example of this is a methane gas capture project at a landfill. Many of the projects we support also replant forests, since forests are some of the planet's best carbon banks.

Produce energy using a renewables...

...that eliminates the need to produce that same energy from fossil fuels, the burning of which releases greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. An example of this would be funding wind farms or community solar projects.

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What People Say About Zero

I feel guilty about my carbon footprint, but never had an actual way to reduce it until learning about Zero.

Claire T.
Walnut Creek

It's fun reading about the projects I supported each month. It's an easy and fun eco subscription.

Van D.
San Francisco

My home produces tons of CO2...I'm sure that's a literal statement. My family of four is now helping the planet more than harming it.

Adam F.
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