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Culture and Team

Quick guide:

Culture is at the core of the OhmConnect team.

It’s not all business around these parts! Our team enjoys fully remote work days as well as monthly and quarterly offsites, where we focus on where we're going as a business and decompress together. We've strapped on our walking shoes for team hikes, explored the Bay Area on segways, and created a culture where it's rare to go more than a few hours without sharing a good meme on Slack.

The values that shape our culture

Positive Impact
Every day, we are faced with dozens of decisions. We elect to choose the decision with a positive impact.
Champions of the Customer
We are working with regulators and utilities to pay for every action that you take. We want you to have the ability to earn every dollar of value that you create.
Adventurous Mind
We love to learn. We adhere to the scientific method of hypothesis, test, and analyze to drive the best decision forward, based on data.
Continuous Contribution
Everyone helps out. Regardless of role, we are all on this ship together and will all jump in when there is task needed to be done.
Radical Candor
Direct feedback, all the time. We have open communication and discussions about each other’s work, where the company is going, and our mission / vision / values of the company.

How OhmConnect got started

OhmConnect first began in 2014 when three people in different stages of life - and with wildly different work experience - came together to focus on what they all considered (and still consider) to be the paramount challenge to the human race: long-term, sustainable energy.

Curt Tongue and Matt Duesterberg, the founders of OhmConnect looking at a computer screen discussing

With backgrounds in technology, energy markets and consumer marketing respectively, Cadir Lee, Matt Duesterberg and Curtis Tongue set up shop in a basement office in San Francisco and since then have grown a team of smart, creative, and passionate folks who are the fabric of the OhmConnect culture.

Meet the Executive team

Picture of Cisco DeVries, CEO of OhmConnect


Cisco DeVries
OhmConnect's founder and CRO Matt Duesterberg

Founder & CRO

Matt Duesterberg
Image of Cadir Lee, the CTO of OhmConnect

President & CTO

Cadir Lee
Liz Ludwig, the CMO of OhmConnect


Liz Ludwig

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