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Katie Overmonds
March 12, 2021

Customers are the heart and soul of OhmConnect. The individuals and families who unplug on a regular basis make an incredible difference to the grid and their communities so we work hard to provide an experience that makes OhmHours and AutoOhms as seamless and rewarding as possible.

Meet the team of OhmConnect’ers who are on the ground with you, our customers -- problem solving, answering questions and providing a delightful experience wherever possible.

Name: Alexandra S.

Why I love OhmConnect: I love waking up in the morning knowing that I have the opportunity to work with amazing teammates on an inspiring vision. Plus, I admire how we live our values as a company, especially Putting Families First, both for our team and our customers.

Why I love working with customers: Our customers are the true heroes of OhmConnect! Every time a customer powers down a smart plug or uses less energy during one of our events, it ladders up to create a massive impact to help reverse climate change.

Fun fact: I lived in the Carribean for a summer and learned to kitesurf while moonlighting on a book!

Name: Spiro T.

Why I love OhmConnect: Throughout my entire career I’ve never worked in a company with such an extraordinary mission that had so much talent and heart! My teammates are brilliant, curious, and most importantly, the kindest people I have ever had the privilege to work with. Each day I want to show up as my best self because I know every single person at OhmConnect is doing the same.  

Why I love working with customers: Every opportunity to interact and engage in meaningful conversation with our customers is always a wonderful learning experience for myself and our  entire team. OhmConnect Help is here to provide support to our customers, although it’s ultimately your support and perspective that raises us up and helps our team and product shine.

Fun fact: Throughout my childhood and teenage years I had three different first names and it wasn’t until in my 20’s when I reverted back to the name given to me at birth. Every time I meet an old friend from my past they call me someone different and it brings a smile to my face.

Name: Molly Jane

Why I love OhmConnect: The energy at OhmConnect is inspiring and infectious, both with my teammates and the customer I get to interact with daily. Being a part of an initiative that is actively engaged in fighting climate change, and seeing quantitative outcomes from our customer’s energy conservation is so valuable to me.  

Why I love working with customers: I love seeing the many different ways our customers engage with energy conservation and OhmConnect. Regardless of living situations, age, walks of life, everyone shares the same objective to conserve energy and that is continuously humbling to witness!

Fun fact: I swam alone with six large manta rays in a dark and rainy cove in Indonesia last year and I think will forever go down as the most remarkable experience I’ve ever had. And scary, definitely one of the scariest experiences as well!

Name: Eriq O.

Why I love OhmConnect: It offers an outlet for any one who wants to pull the plug on wasteful energy and do their part to help the environment --- it literally is as easy as flipping a light switch!

Why I love working with customers: New technology can be daunting to deal with, but it can greatly improve one’s daily routine. I want to help make sure that everyone has the same great experience utilizing the latest devices.

Fun fact: I have over 1,000 comic books in my collection, my favorite one is Iron Man #1 (1968).

Name: Andrew C.

Why I love OhmConnect: I am wildly extraverted so to be able to (e)meet with my amazing co-workers on a daily basis is pretty wonderful. We have a lot of fun learning how to best support our customers as well as have intentional conversations about making a meaningful difference in how we use energy.

Why I love working with customers: They give me unparalleled insight into how OhmConnect is making a difference and push me to be the greatest I can be at providing world class customer service.

Fun fact: I have traveled to 9 countries, across 6 continents.

Name: Robbie M.

Why I love OhmConnect: I always felt insignificant as a single person trying to help reduce carbon emissions, OhmConnect lets me be part of a group that actually means something! Also, I get to work with an amazing, passionate, and energetic team that I am excited to wake up for every day!

Why I love working with customers: I love solving problems and improving peoples' experiences. However my favorite part is turning a member’s ok experience into a great one!

Fun fact: I am the 5th Robbie Martin in my family!

Have a question about your OhmConnect account and want to chat to one of these lovely folks? Email us at

Name: Alyssa F.

Why I love OhmConnect: OhmConnect is a special place. Not only do you get to partner with incredible, smart, and kind people but you also get to be a part of a greater purpose together. It is what binds us. Our team and our amazing customers, hand in hand, make an impact for our future generations.

Why I love working with customers: I love building relationships even if it is just an email or two back and forth. It is a chance to connect us and help customers feel heard.

Fun fact: I recorded an album when I was 12 years old. I often wonder how many copies are just floating around in the world. Every now and then, I’ll still receive messages that someone found my CD at a Flea Market and it reminds me that someone -somewhere- has baby Alyssa singing in their car. Ha!

Name: Sophia B.

Why I love OhmConnect: From the culture of our team to our company values of reducing carbon emissions, and helping struggling families get rewarded for their energy reduction, what’s not to love? I feel lucky to work here, and I know the rest of our team does too. It makes a difference.

Why I love working with customers: I love meeting new people, and also solving questions our customers have because I truly believe in the service we offer. When you combine those two things, it is a winning combo!

Fun fact: I love learning different languages! So far I am trilingual, but would love to learn more. In particular, I love it when you find a phrase to describe something that doesn’t exist in your own language. The Germans are famous for this (schadenfreude for example).

Name: Vanessa Y.

Why I love OhmConnect: The people at OhmConnnect are incredible! Everyone brings their best to the table everyday to make a difference in our world and it’s truly inspiring to see. I love being a part of this amazing community!

Why I love working with customers: I love meeting new people, and being able to work towards a greener, happier future together with customers is the best feeling!

Fun fact: My favorite flavor of anything is vanilla!

Name: Tania C.

Why I love OhmConnect: I never thought I could be working remotely while also fostering such great relationships with everyone I work with. Not only do I truly care about the work I am doing but I care about the people I am doing it with as well!

Why I love working with customers: I have always felt that the trait “people-person” has resonated with me very deeply. I have grown up to realize it is because I have a passion for connecting with others as well as helping anyone in need. Enter OhmConnect, and I am able to do all of these things while providing our customers with a very personal experience.

Fun fact: I once spent an entire night in a 24-hour Subway shop because I dropped my keys in a sewer grate and was locked out of my apartment. I then became friends with the Subway employee and went straight to work in the morning smelling like a Subway sandwich - Eat Fresh!

Name: Tony M.

Why I love OhmConnect: I work with some of the most fantastic humans on Earth! Couple this with OhmConnect’s mission to create clean energy while having fun doing it, and what’s not to love?
Why I love working with customers: OhmConnect has some of the most passionate and fun members I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Because they truly care about their participation with us, it is both satisfying and motivating to work with them.
Fun fact: I once got to pitch a movie idea on the lot of Dreamworks Pictures.

Have a question about your OhmConnect account and want to chat to one of these lovely folks? Email us at

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