2019 OhmConnect User Survey Results

You spoke and we listened. Here’s how we’re improving the OhmConnect experience, one comment at a time.

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Sophie Lubin
March 12, 2019

Last month we sent out a survey to all OhmConnect users. We wanted you to share what you love, what you don’t, and what new features will make saving energy easier and more fun for you as we grow together.

 … and boy did you tell us what you think! We had tens of thousands of responses and loads of real, honest feedback that we’re taking to heart.

 And since we’re all about transparency, we want to share the results with everyone. Here’s how it breaks down, and what changes we’re making.

Fewer #OhmHours for more rewards

1 in 4 folks said they want fewer #OhmHours each month.  And now you can do just that with the new ‘MEGA Only’ feature!

infographic of survey results that shows that 1 in 4 people only have time for one OhmHour per month

Here’s a refresher: last summer we introduced MEGA OhmHours — events which pay higher rewards when you dig deep and reduce even more energy than you normally do during an #OhmHour. MEGA #OhmHours happen less frequently and only when the grid is especially stressed. In the off-season (the cooler months), MEGA #OhmHours will happen about once per month. In the hot summer months, MEGAs will come 2-3 times per month.

Want in? If you’re interested in getting just these MEGA #OhmHours less frequently, you’re in luck!  Click here to opt into our new ‘MEGA Only’ program. You’ll get only those #OhmHours that pay big rewards if you can dig deep and reduce a significant amount of energy.

What about Prize #OhmHours?

infographic of survey results that shows that 80 percent of users like or love Prize OhmHours

This winter we introduced Prize #OhmHours — our way of keeping the fun going during the off-season. In our survey, 80% of folks said they either ‘love’ or ‘like’ Prize #OhmHours, and so we’ll continue to have #OhmHours for prizes throughout the spring (at the least) and we’ll be working on some additional features to help you control your #OhmHours better.

That said, we heard loud and clear that 20% of you don’t love Prize #OhmHours. If you’re in that camp and only want a few #OhmHours when rewards are highest, check out the MEGA Only program.

Have no fear though! The majority of OhmConnect users (84%!) know that rewards are much higher in the summer months than winter.  And that means, even if rewards have been low this winter, you can bet we’ll be paying out big come summer, when temperatures rise and stress on the grid hits all-time highs.

Psst, if you didn’t realize OhmConnect was a seasonal business, no worries! Here’s a rundown of how we get paid throughout the year,  and how you can make sure you’re ready to go when the weather gets hot again in a few months.

What you say you want to see next:

OhmConnect gets paid by utility companies when LOTS of people come together and cut down their energy usage at the same time (during #OhmHours). Then we divvy those funds up between everyone who participated in that #OhmHour.

We’re constantly thinking about new ways to encourage our community to reduce their energy usage at the same time as their neighbors.

Here are some ideas you’re jiving with:

infographic of survey results that shows that 55 percent love community bonuses

“Get a bonus if enough people reduce together during the same #OhmHour” — 55% of survey respondents loved it! So we made it. Read all about the new feature here and if you want to be one of the first people to give it a try, let us know.

infographic of survey results showing that users like voting for Ohmhours

“Sometimes be able to vote for when #OhmHours happen, but get no bonus for these #OhmHours. Having a say in when my #OhnHours happen will help me prepare and reduce when the time comes!” 26% of you upvoted this one. So you can do that now, too! If you want access, but don’t yet see it on your dashboard, let us know.

Who’s winning these prizes anyway?

Half of respondents say they’re not sure who’s actually winning all these awesome prizes we’re giving away for Prize #OhmHour giveaways. And we want to get better about this!

Don’t get left in the dark: check out this page for the list of winners and to watch the latest episode of our Facebook broadcast, Power In Numbers.

And our sur survey winner is...

As promised, and as a thank you for your input, we’ve selected one survey respondent to go home with a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card. And that winner is … Neng, from Yuba City, CA!

Neng from Yuba City the prize winner of $1000 amazon gift cards

Neng has been using OhmConnect for about nine months.  His favorite thing to do during an #OhmHour is to watch a good show on Netflix on his iPad and says if he could spend an #OhmHour with anyone in history, he’d pick Jackie Chan. “He seems like a fun person to be with, learning new fighting moves and have laugh at the same time,” he said. We couldn’t agree more!