4 Apps That PAY You To Save On Bills

Go beyond saving money on your bills. Earn some too!

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Jef van de Graaf
June 13, 2018

Every month you receive a bill for your electricity, gas, phone, internet, TV, and more. It may seem that each month is getting more expensive than the month before.

You might be wondering, why hasn’t somebody invented an app that pays you to save on bills?

The answer? They have!  

Today’s list of apps will not only reduce the amount you pay on your bills, but actually could put a little extra cash in your pockets. Let’s get started, with a service that will pay you to turn off your lights!


OhmConnect- Earn $300 Per Year!

It’s time you start saving electricity and earning money for doing so. But first, take a look at your electricity bill. Are you with one of these companies?

  • Toronto Hydro
  • Pacific Gas & Electric Company
  • San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Southern California, Edison

If so, you’re in luck.

OhmConnect has a partnership with the above electricity companies that allows you to earn money whenever save electricity during peak periods throughout the week.

After you have signed up for an account and connected your electricity credentials, OhmConnect will send you a notification by text message or email, reminding you to save electricity for a specific hour. If you successfully reduce your energy usage during that hour, you get paid!

Consider using this hour away from TV and without electricity to reconnect with family. Go outside and play a game, tend the garden and plant a flower, or organize the house and make it feel fresh again.

However you decide to spend your hour, know that you’ll be earning cash rewards for the electricity you save.

OhmConnect is 100% free to use and the only requirement needed to earn up to $300 per year is to connect your electricity account, if eligible. You can also earn an additional $20 (per person) whenever you refer this app to friends and family.

Sign up for OhmConnect today!

MoneyLion - iOS | Android | Web

As a parent, there’s no one who’ll pay you to wash the dishes, cut the lawn, or pay the bills on time. Or, maybe there is?

Here’s an app that pays you just for logging in and making smarter decisions with your money. MoneyLion has been designed to help you create healthy money habits and improve your personal finances.

How MoneyLion works is by providing you with rewards any time you show “financial responsibility”. Rewards are gift cards to Amazon or Walmart and credits, such as 15% discount towards certain loans.

These are all the ways you can receive rewards and show the app your being “financially responsible”:

  • Connecting MoneyLion - In the beginning, you’ll receive rewards whenever you verify your identity and link your social accounts. This is also used to reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Borrowing Habits - Rewards are given whenever you make a loan payment and pay your balance on time.
  • Financial Habits - Anytime you connect a credit card or bank account, increase your savings by 5%, view your net worth, avoid late fees, etc., you’ll receive a reward.
  • Credit Habits - If you enroll in MoneyLion’s free credit monitoring service, you’ll receive rewards when you increase your credit score and keep your credit usage below 10%.
  • Contributing to the MoneyLion Community - Each time you write a review and have MoneyLion users upvote and share, you’ll receive rewards.

If you’re looking for an app to improve your financial habits, save you money, and help you pay bills on time, try MoneyLion.

Clarity Money - iOS | Android | Web

If you have a lot of bills, struggle to keep track of them, and difficulty paying them on time, Clarity Money might give you peace of mind.

Similar to the previous app, Clarity Money allows you to link your financial accounts. Afterwards, it uses a AI technology to analyzes your spending and income to provide you with suggestions to improve your financial situation.

You’ll be shown various products that the app suggests would help you save or earn more money. However, the key feature of this app is that it negotiates with the companies sending you bills to get them reduced.  

After you setup your account with Clarity Money and connect all your bills, it can negotiate to decrease some of your bills. For example, if you have a bill with Telecomm, the company says they have the greatest success reducing this bill. You’ll receive the savings and Clarity Money takes ⅓ in the form of commission.

Although Clarity Money doesn’t pay to save on bills, the savings you could receive by reducing your bills gives you extra money pay for the things you need.


Shopping for groceries may seem like a never ending task, especially if you have a house full of mouths to feed. 


However, instead of throwing away your receipts, scan them and upload them to this app that pays.

iBotta is one of the most popular apps that pays you to shop for groceries. It works with more than 275 different grocery stores such as Walgreens, Walmart, CVA, and more. It also works for non-grocery online purchases from places like Amazon and Apple Music.

To earn money with this app, you’ll first need an account. Afterwards, just follow these steps:

  1. Browse for deals and offers on the app
  2. Complete a few simple tasks (e.g. surveys)
  3. Buy the products you selected
  4. Keep your receipt
  5. Scan your receipt and upload onto the app
  6. Get your cash

When you use iBotta, you get real money (not gift cards or entries into contests) that you can send to your PayPal account.  You can select as many offers as you want, each as a specific task to complete before you can receive a coupon for your shopping.

If you use this app to get paid and save on your bills, be sure to read the offer details before shopping. Every coupon will have specific requirements, expiration dates, and may only be available at select locations.

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