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Live in California? You’re eligible to be paid for the energy you don’t use.

Missing out on weekly payments? Check out the system that’s paying your neighbours to power down. For us, WWF’s Earth Hour is one of our favourite nights of the year.

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Katie Overmonds
November 30, 2017

For us, WWF’s Earth Hour is one of our favorite nights of the year.  We love taking the opportunity to switch off the lights, power-down our homes and spend screen-free time with our people - but more than all of that, we love feeling connected to our neighbors and community in a collective effort to combat climate change, even in a small way. In a time when action on climate change is being throttled by political agendas across the globe, we LOVE the chance for ground-up, people-powered change to be made wherever possible.

Which is why we are thrilled to offer the OhmConnect platform to residents of California.  With OhmConnect, you get PAID to switch off.

Californians paid weekly for their excess energy

OhmConnect is a free platform which rewards you for saving energy during specific times in an effort to reduce the load on power plants during peak energy-use times. The rewards customers earn can be converted into money deposited via a PayPal account, donations to a customer's favourite charity, or credits towards energy-efficient products.

The energy you don’t use

The process is simple. You sign-up for Ohmconnect and authorize us to access your home’s smart meter and any supported internet-connected devices. You don’t have to buy or install any special equipment. A few times a week, we will alert you to energy spikes and ask you to cut back your power consumption, or it will dial-it back for you through your smart thermostat and other smart devices. Then you get paid for the energy you don’t use.

BONUS: Want to fundraise for your school, workplace or team or simply work with others to cut your energy consumption? We will pay $20 for every referral to the program. Get in touch with us  ( to kickstart your fundraising!

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