Finally, an energy company that pays YOU

  • Automatically save energy with smart devices.
  • Get low-cost rates & cash back on the energy you save.
  • Save energy. Get paid. No catch.

Take control of your energy bill & start your money-saving journey.

Get paid to save energy.

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Save energy when the grid is stressed

We let you know when electricity demand is spiking so you can use less when it counts. 

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Earn cash rewards for reducing your electricity use.

Where does the money come from?

During the periods of high energy demand, when you reduce your energy usage, this reduces stress on the grid. We then "sell" the power you and your neighbors have saved back to the grid and pass those rewards to you. Simple, smart, and reliable.

The Future of Reliable Energy Starts At Home, in Texas

Texans have faced more than our fair share of energy interruptions. With more extreme weather events and a stressed grid, OhmConnect Energy has arrived in Texas at just the right time with the technology that empowers you to take control of your bill, earn passive income, and help prevent power outages.


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Fixed-Rate Plans.
No Hidden Fees

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Get Paid to Save Energy

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Lower Your Bill
While You Earn Rewards,
All Year Long

Safeguard the Grid and
Gain Protection from Unexpected Power Outages

Friendly and Helpful Live Agents Available, Monday–Friday 8am–5pm CST

Cash Bonus For Every Referral that Becomes an Active Customer

Still stuck in a contract? We can remind you when it's time to switch.

Want in, but not right now? You can future-date your switch to OhmConnect Energy by up to 90 days, or – if you’re stuck in a contract for longer than that – simply fill out our form and we’ll send you an email reminder when it’s time to switch.
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Because "It Just Works"

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This company has been nothing but fresh air compared to what I most recently used as my provider. I could cry by the quality of customer service with OhmConnect...

The website functions well too. Which, for some reason, other companies neglect.

Stefan Palka
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OhmConnect is a fabulous way to conserve energy when the grid is getting overloaded—AND make money for doing so!

I apply their credits to earn $$ to offset my bills, but you can also use your points for gift cards, home energy-saving aids, or contests. Highly recommend OhmConnect!!

Anne Eddy
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If you can get ohm plugs or smart plugs, you can put them on your big appliances and automatically turn them off during ohm hours for even more energy saved.

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Jessica Redmond

A Fixed-Rate Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

Texans can choose between fair, fixed-rate plans that work for your energy needs. Browse our most popular plans to get started.
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