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OhmConnect Energy:
Our Story

OhmConnect Energy offers Texas residents fair-priced, straightforward electricity plans, and the tools to reduce usage during times of high demand - for cash rewards.

Let's Talk About Texas

In the wake of the extreme weather events in Texas, it's clear that the Texas grid needs to change as well, that's why OhmConnect Energy has been formed. Our technology empowers users like you to participate in that change through our energy saving events (OhmHours).
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Our Current Energy Sources

In Texas, we rely on one energy grid. In general, it’s reliable. But as we have all experienced, when demand spikes, it can get overwhelmed and fail. By taking action and actively reducing energy usage during spikes, OhmConnect Energy can reward you for saving energy and maintaining the grid: a simple, rewarding, and effective solution to energy sustainability. The grid stays on, the lights stay on, and you get cash in your pocket.

The Future of Reliable Energy

OhmConnect Energy is already helping hundreds of thousands of residential customers earn cash rewards for saving energy and reducing stress on the grid! The great thing about this model is that the more people who get involved, the better the system works. It's already working great, and it only gets better from here.
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Green Energy and Sustainablity

Every OhmConnect Energy customer actively reduces carbon emissions when they engage in our energy saving events! Our energy plans are designed to help you become effortlessly energy efficient and reduce stress on the grid.

Not Your Average Energy Company

We’re a totally new type of energy company offering some of the most competitively priced electricity in Texas. But what truly sets us apart from other energy providers is our unique ability to offer customers participation in energy savings events (OhmHours) for cash rewards.

The best part? While you’re getting paid to save energy, you’ll also be lowering your electricity bill, and helping to create a more reliable grid.

Savings & Rewards

Customers who participate in our rewards program can lower their electric bill by reducing energy usage and earning Watts. Earned Watts can be redeemed for cash, bill credits, or other rewards. 

What's more is the bill savings potential is unlimited. The more you reduce your usage during our energy saving events, the more you will lower your bill, and the more rewards you will earn.
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Energy You Can Count On

Grids fail when too many people use too much power at once. With OhmConnect Energy, you earn rewards every time you conserve, putting money back in your pocket while taking stress off the grid. It's up to you when and where to conserve, because having stable, reliable energy means getting energy when and where you need it. The control is in your hands.

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Technology That Empowers You

Unlike other programs, OhmConnect Energy puts you in charge. You can choose when to earn rewards by saving energy and when to say, no thanks, hands off thermostat. The earning potential is up to you!

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